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D’ B-Child Series- "Men are dogs"

The Boy Child is a very unique human gender. His ways, needs and patterns can be easily understood. (it might sound unbelievable)

 I compared a man to a computer , he carefully analyzes every input, then produces just about the output (same quantity and quality of results), that is desired for every data that is inputted by the operator.

Some say, men are dogs so that makes boys puppies.

How then do we treat puppies that are usually very cute?
Then how do we treat dogs? How do we manage to groom a dog to be very loyal to his master and even the master's friends?
Think about it!

Beauty Post: Product Review

I'm usually excited about new products, ranging from skin care to makeup products, the bond gets stronger by the day.

My goal is to achieve and maintain clear skin, reduce break outs and stay moisturized this year. Gladly, you don't have to break the bank to achieve good skin. 
It came to my notice that i have written on how i got rid of acne , my discovery on food and breakout but haven't done a thorough skin care post on the blog.

So lets start with my recent beauty buys:

Celebrating the International Women Day

To Every Woman in the World: Happy International women's day!!!.
I would love to write an epistle specifically for every one of you but i'll resist the urge, so that this post can be short. *lol*

Our hearts gets stronger by the day and the support for each other is growing wildly. Fierce is the word to describe how the women game has become lately. Cheers!

Considering the theme for this years celebration: #PressForProgress I have a mental list of some women, whose work and life has been inspiring.

On Being Photogenic


(especially of a person) looking attractive in photographs or on film.

"a photogenic child"

We’ve used this phrase all our lives especially as females.
If we are a reflection of what we see in the mirror or any reflection, then why do we say ï am photogenic-I do/don't look better in photos.
It is what you look like that shows up in a mirror. abi?
It sure means that you are what you see! In the photo above, everything in the room was captured, including the towel hanging by the window. EVERYTHING! just as it is!