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Getting rid of acne with Diet

Would you believe that the pops on your face is internally induced?
Nigerian girl suffers acne, hormones,
source: Google
Oh well, lets just say 50% percent of the time.

I suffer cystic acne more often lately and this map had come in really handy when i plan my diet.

At first, i was scared that my organs have gone bad but more research gave me clarity. Now what i do is work my diet to provide the necessary nutrients that each organ needs to thrive very well.


Welcome to a new year guys!!
On the 31st December, i didn't feel excited, my job weighed me down and i was a bit sad. I dozed off once or twice during the cross over service and sulked all night long when i got home.
Those feelings led me to pray and make a resolve not to let anything weigh me down.
Hence i can say this is a special one, a special year of great  accomplishments and dreams.

I'm saying yes to life time commitments and taking up responsibilities.

Yes to laughter's, education (in all forms) and strength.