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CHIT-CHAT: A Battle against Humans or Viruses?

Hi guys!
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I've missed writing to you and do hope that you are tucked in and safe at home. This too will pass, i know because God will turn it around for our good.

Well, i have gist!
So, with all that has been going on in the world, the forceful shut down of regular activities, panic shopping and updates of celebrities who have caught the virus and the material/financial support from citizens and different organizations in curbing this deadly virus some people are still power driven.
How terrible should things get before a person is humbled and full of empathy?


Hi Eagles!

Finally, i get to sit on my laptop and get things moving.
I wrote a speech on my notes and it looked like this;
"Life didn't happen. I made a choice and i'll take full responsibility for being absent here.
No blames.
No excuses.
I love to write and share stuffs i know and you cannot imagine the joy i feel knowing that i can do this again even though, i haven't decided on the name for the blog yet or whether to start a new blog altogether?
I planned a re-branding as my interest widened but i won't be waiting for those perfect conditions anymore. So, here I am.

It's been (what?) 9 months since my last post (on skincare).

Let me take this time to welcome you back.

Expect beautiful contents.

I have just one request: Be curious as a child and go for knowledge.


Skincare Update

Hello Eagles,I have made some serious discovery I never thought I would plunge into if I didn’t have acne prone skin, so I had to take a break from the busy life I’m immersed in currently and come share this on the blog, so everyone can learn a thing or two.

In my lastupdate; I mentioned the products I was using and how they’ve worked for me so far. Well, 90% of all those products have either expired or are completely used up and I’ve restocked on some new products.My skin is a lot better now and I’m going strong on my skin care goals for this year.
Below is a recent picture of my face,no more pus-filled pimples, painful cyst and papular acne.
pretty lady, natural hair, smile, acne
April 2018
Let’s get to the update:

D’ B-Child Series- "Men are dogs"

The Boy Child is a very unique human gender. His ways, needs and patterns can be easily understood. (it might sound unbelievable)

 I compared a man to a computer , he carefully analyzes every input, then produces just about the output (same quantity and quality of results), that is desired for every data that is inputted by the operator.

Some say, men are dogs so that makes boys puppies.

How then do we treat puppies that are usually very cute?
Then how do we treat dogs? How do we manage to groom a dog to be very loyal to his master and even the master's friends?
Think about it!