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The X-Factor

Hi friends,
This is the first blog post I'll be putting up after a long time of wondering if i should or should not. After  a long debate i hope I'll keep up with this and i pray it will be worth the try.
 Making a difference is what every one wants in Life and the quest for difference and uniqueness has caused so many things both good and bad. We ladies depend on clothes,shoes, human hair etc to add value and make us unique in the society. The men work night and day, some get involve in so many wrong things just to be heard or seen in our society.
 Deep inside our hearts we long for a world void of criticism,competiton,verbal abuse,chaos and fights but no matter how many amnesty camps the government organises to bring peace and stability to our country,things wont change.
Change is what we all seek in our family,society,and country. We blame everyone else but ourselves for the pain we face forgetting that change can only start from YOU.
"Everything we need for life and godliness has given to us from the beginning", there is something special in YOU that can bring change to the pain and chaos you face around you.
Reach down, tap into your full potential, Love yourself, believe in yourself, tell yourself you can make it whenever you feel  you can't. Trust God to make you great...never trust Men...help only comes from above.
Lets say NO to under-age marriage...i won't want my unborn daughter to be given to a man as old as  her father in marriage...and am sure you wont want that...


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  1. Ooosshheeeey Turn uP!.. You see ehn.. **Clears Throat... The Hausa Patience Jonathan says that "if ONLY Muhammed will not WAKA come to the Mountain ehnnn... then ONLY the Mountain will WAKA come to Mohammed.." #dasaalll.. Soooo Bubba.. **Wears Straight face.. Since you have refused to come out of "Finding Mr. Right" I decided to travel back in time.. Oh my days Ugo'm.. You started off so strong.. with so much calmness.. Poises and wisdom.. hehehe cant really remember what my first post was but this post seemed like the words of someboRRy that had been bloggng for years..

    Now these words hit me the most:

    "We blame everyone else but ourselves for the pain we face forgetting that change can only start from YOU"

    and to it I go Word.. Inshort i go Gbam! Gbammer!! Gbammest!!! Nice one Ugo toh BeauRRifull lo.. Truly yeah... Change starts with us. Cheers and Happy WEATHER FOR 2 season.. **Wears cheeky smile.. and the crowd goes Oooooosshheeey Turn uP!


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