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 Hi friends!!!!!

This morning while preparing for work i was listening to songs from my phone and this song was on the list: There Is a King In You By Donald Lawrence.........

Has anybody listened to this song????

It makes me feel good like a QUEEN should, let me share the lyrics with you so you can be empowered to find the King/Queen in you>>>>>

Beauty Post

Hi friends!!

I've always been a fan of  flawless make-up. I visited so many cosmetic shops in Calabar just to get the right things for my oily skin.....and that search led me to the only Zaron outlet in Calabar...I had a nice time with the lady i met there, after a long talk about makeup i got confused and did not know what to buy.............Finally i settled for two things:

Zaron foundation+concealer stick ------------i got it for 1500
Zaron kajal ---------------------------------1200

This is the look i created using these products (i took dem with my phone pls dnt mind the picture quality).....i hope you like it!!!!!

Happy Birthday Toin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends,
i want to appreciate someone, she's cute, funny and puts a smile on my face when i read her post.

She's a blogger,i stumbled on her blog months ago and since then i've never missed any post cause i subscribed to her blog............MEET TOIN and you wont regret it...

Toin this cake is for you:



Hi friends,
  Just to share a bit about something that eats away our peace and joy all of the time.

  If  you've never been afraid then this post is for you, real people are controlled by their emotions but our emotions can either break us or make us.


Years ago before Civilization some things were common among Women in Africa.
 Our women gave birth all alone, some even give birth in the farm and took care of the baby before coming coming back home.

  Women had farms, built their huts, cared for their children (some had 12 children and it was a sign of fertility for the Woman and strength for the Man) and their husbands......In all of this they were strong enough to Respect their Husbands.
It added value and importance to every woman that could handle all the stress things and not break down....