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Hi friends,
  Just to share a bit about something that eats away our peace and joy all of the time.

  If  you've never been afraid then this post is for you, real people are controlled by their emotions but our emotions can either break us or make us.

  The fear of losing our kids to immoral values and behavior causes us to train them,show love and sometimes over pamper them.

The fear of losing a marriage will make a woman suffer in silence,conceal all the harsh treatment she gets from her husband....

The fear of being talked about has made so many young ladies jump into marriages, relationships, jobs and circles that are unhealthy for them....
   No one can say he/she lived on this earth and was not at one time under the bond of  MR FEAR....
 Even  the great David was at a point scared of Saul and ran for his life,
He lived in caves and sought for refuge in the mountains.

Moses gave God excuses because he was afraid of Pharaoh and the Egyptians.

Prophet Elijah was also afraid of Queen Jezebel when he got her message and Fled. 
He even begged that his life should be taken away from him..

So you see, great men,prophet and a king lived in fear too......But they did not allow it to rule their entire days on earth..

Fear is the greatest device the Devil uses to stop us God's children from reaching our greatest potential,
He(the devil) causes us to believe so many lies and thus enslaving us in fear...

Fear tells you: You can never get married

You  won't make it out of this problem

Your child will always bring you shame
your husband will never treat you right

you'll always remain a failure.

There is HOPE, 2 Timothy 1:7 says; For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 

  • Believe in God's word and promises for your life.
  •  Trust God  with all your problems.......if you ask how can i trust God?...just as you close your eyes to sleep at night and your sure that you'll open them again the next day....Have that kind of confidence in God...
  • When the devil tells you, you can't make it.....speak against it using God's words...Know that your tongue carries the power of life and death..... so speak good things into that situation...
  • When you have the urge to complain and nag about that problem just PRAY.


With Love


  1. yaayyyy!!! I finally Found it (the inspirational post without a source) its nice. i like the part about Trusting GOD and how you simply equated it to how we shut our eyes to sleep at night. You have a preety nice Blog and i am glad to be here. Well done. Cheers

    1. Finally you found it, Thanks Duru, you've made my day with your lovely comments.
      I hope you'll stay longer than few minutes:)


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