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Years ago before Civilization some things were common among Women in Africa.
 Our women gave birth all alone, some even give birth in the farm and took care of the baby before coming coming back home.

  Women had farms, built their huts, cared for their children (some had 12 children and it was a sign of fertility for the Woman and strength for the Man) and their husbands......In all of this they were strong enough to Respect their Husbands.
It added value and importance to every woman that could handle all the stress things and not break down....

Back to our time:

   We birth in the Hospital
   We can't even cut a bamboo, talk less of building a hut...most of us can't even use clay to create anything
   We have maids that cook and clean,
  We have machine that wash, grind,etc.
Staying with my grandmother was fun but not fun.....everything was done manually, We blended pepper using grinding stone and no seed should be seen when you finish grinding it........*My friend still uses the grinding stone in their house in fact nobody eats the food if the pepper or tomatoes was not grinded using the grinding stone*

Modernization is great, adding colour to our world but lets not forget that it WAS MADE FOR US NOT the other way round.....Let's not depend completely on these things and start adding value to our lives as WOMEN.....

Let's train ourselves to be strong, wise, virtous, hardworking and efficient.....

There's need for balance in our Lives.....
You have to be strong and not too hard
You have to be Humble and not too weak
You have to Manage things and not Manage peoples lives

There has to be a balance, an equal amount of everything  in your life.........

If your already married and your already on one side of the extreme.......JESUS can help you strike that balance. ASK him and he'll answer you.. Then make conscious efforts and create the change you want.

If your  Single take this time and learn, work hard to be virtous, efficient and strike the balance...


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