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 To those of us that love to eat we know how important a kitchen is, we know that keeping it clean always is necessary.
Here are some tips to make things smooth for us when we decide to do some *Magic* for ourselves and families.
  • When in doubt of an egg, make a test: add 2 teaspoons of salt to a cup of water and put the egg in it. A fresh egg will sink, a doubtful egg will float.
  • Lemons will stay fresh longer if you store them in a bowl of cold water in the fridge; they will keep up to 3 months this way.
  • Keep boiled  eggs in cold water for 5 minutes; this will make removal of the shell easier.
  • While cooking smelly foods soak a cloth towel and let it dry in the cooking area. It will absorb the smell of cooking and keep the room fresh.
  • Cut the top of carrot (head) and store in air tight bag. This will keep it fresh for a longer period.
  • Reduce the burning sensation after cutting chilli peppers by keeping the fingers in a bowl of cold milk added with some sugar.
  • To thin a small portion of peanut butter, use orange juice. It makes it spread much easier and adds taste appeal.
  • Sprinkle pantry (storeroom) shelves,window sills and door sills with a mixture of red pepper to rid them of ants.
  • To clean wooden chopping board, counter or rolling pins sprinkle table salt on these surfaces when they are wet and scrub dry.
Culled from:
The Nation Newspaper


Weddings Weddings.Oh how we love weddings, the flowers, food, merriment, friends we get to meet, styles we love to see, Makeup, decorations....etc.
Every Bride wants the perfect dress,food,venue,weather and decorations.....Let us inspire with beautiful decorations that will  make you want the ring ASAP or start your planning with capable hands.
Today our Feature will be UNIQUE FLORAL CENTRE
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We love every piece and how they bring this pieces together to create beautiful decor..........
I hope you'll enjoy this and start booking.

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Visit their website www.uniquefloralghana.com 
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For anorexia, abdominal distension and pain, extract two tablespoons of the juice of a ripe lime and drink after adding salt. For abdominal pain and vomiting due to worms, grind nutmeg with lime juice and administer.

For common cold, steam a lime, extract two tablespoons of the juice, add two teaspoons of bee’s honey and drink at the outset of the ailment.  this remedy was also effective treatment for indigestion and diarrhoea.

Also for indigestion, take lime juice with sugar and salt to taste and for diarrhoea, take a glass of water, add two teaspoons of sugar, salt to taste and drink after stirring in one teaspoon of lime juice.

For immediate relief from diarrhoea, take lime and tea.

To kill smell, e.g Armpit odor: cut the lime into half  scrub skin and leave for 10 minutes and rinse out....Do this more than once.......

To combat acne/pimple: Scrub face gently with half part of the fruit. Leave for few minutes, you'll notice some itches/sensation on your face,allow to dry then rinse off.......

Result: Oil-free and brighter skin.

Stay Healthy with Nature.

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Hi friends,
hw's your day so far????ope no trouble! if there is just holla me,The Super Woman and i come to your rescue but i wont come alone oh.........i'll come with Three Able Bodied Men.....*hehehe*...

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 Hello there dear Reader,
are you a freak for staying healthy?????????? of course i am but how extreme do we take this quest!
i read on LIB about a guy who died from drinking slimming tea...see here
Out of fear i decided to see what i can get on this slimming tea thing.......Read it below

Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013: Gavin Rajah Spring/Summer 2014


Rounding up its week of fashion, the Zimbabwean Fashion Week 2013 brought the best of Zimbabwe out for its 4th annual event. Kicking off with designs from labels like House of Kiki and Countess K on Wednesday 28th August to their round off with a bang with popular South African designer Gavin Rajah on Friday 30th August 2013.