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i hope am not alone in this room*eyes all over the room*

I know am not alone, cause your reading this post.....

Well i won a giveaway from TOUNAJ  weeks ago,she was celebrating her one year blogiversay and hosted a giveaway......and yours truly got something....
I made someone collect it and send it to me...

Things i Love about the Gift:
  • It's a dresssssssssssss, i rarely wear dresses but i adore them
  • It's a below the knee length dress.....much more comfortable to wear to church functions.
  • The color is DIVINE!!
  • It's Indigenous to Nigeria ....................Lol 
Let the Pictures speak for itself:
Toun is a designer and she's good at what she does.

The dress has a gold zip which i loveeeeeeeeee

 I've had this earrings for a long time and it finally served it's purpose.

Blowing Love kisses to you.....Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How will you wear this dress??
Let me know.
Thanks for stopping by!

Stay Beautiful


I love, love, love reading your comments....Thank you for sharing your thought.
I reply every comment you drop so hit me nicely.
Your Loved by God :)