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 Hello beautiful people, remember the invitation post i put up here days ago about returning back to our first Love??????????
We decided to rock afro wigs and dress like we were in the 60's (i'll bring you pictures of everyone and our 60's costume in my next post)....mehn it was funnnn all the way....When we dwell in God's presence he refreshes us and makes us whole...
This is how my afro wig looked on me..i tucked my braids into the wig........lol
 For my Makeup: i used

Face: House of Tara Foundation
Jose face foundation for undereye
Jordana Powder 

All of these i got at the Uyo Makeup fair.....And i love every item i picked

Sleek eyebrow pencil (brown)
Zaron concealer for brows
Miss Rose Eyebrow powder
and clear mascara to keep my brows in place
Gold and purple eyeshadow from my 45 colors Romantic Palette
Zaron Kajal

Shea Butter as balm
Davis Brow Pencil
Honey Lipstick
Clear Lipgloss


Feeling Fabulous is Choice you should make NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you  rock an afro wig or you'd just go natural????


  1. I love that dress. I am not sure how to do the picture DIY, but I will try.

  2. Lovely dress and you look cute with that Fro...


  3. Hahaha. Love the overnight afro. Your dress looks nice

  4. i can see your braid


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