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Have you ever heard the Erma Bombeck quote: "Worry is like a rocking chair? It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere." It's so true. If you tend to brood a lot and think of what's not going right in your life and what could go wrong, I have some good news for you: You can change. Your thoughts are powerful and when you work to change them, you really, truly can change your entire life.
Decide now to make the new year ahead positive by making little changes in how you think. Get ready to welcome your most awesome year yet. Here's your game plan to start your year on a fabulously positive note ...
1. Talk to yourself the way you'd talk to a best friend.


I can’t remember ever having to set a reminder in order to remember my birthday or the day I lost my dad. But I know I have to set reminders for a lot of other things. We barely forget some important dates and activities no matter the level of distraction around us. 

        And such is the Christmas season; you don’t need to check your calendar


Hi Lovely readers,

I finally got the opportunity to thank God specially in church, not that i don't thank him always oh but this was a special time for us to give God praise for his good deeds.

I'm thankful For the days he comforted me when i was in sorrow- God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
(Ps 46:1)


i got into the *Potato* Hype lately. i kept talking of how i was going to prepare Potato porridge and all the yummy recipe i was going to try.
Then Last week i went to the market and this is what happened:

Market woman: My daughter come buy potato
Me: Madam How much is it! 
Woman: 1 Kilo is 200 naira
Me: okay measure the kilo make i see

And she did, i thought to my self this is good business.Yayyyyyy finally the potatoes of my dreams. LOL

Hmmmmmmm, i elegantly paid for it and left,preparing my tales of how i bought the potatoes and how i was not cheated.

Fast forward to yesterday,
My Mum saw the potatoes and she asked if i wanted to prepare Salad and i said; "Noooo na, it's potato porridge i want to prepare oh, abi you want me to fry it" ?
and she said but this is Irish Potato and this is mostly used for salad na, this one has no taste and won't be sweet sef even if you fry it....


Davis brow pencil
Zaron Foundation + concealer stick
Miss Rose Brow powder and
My angle brush


How to Make Raisin Coleslaw

This post will be more frequent on my blog, i intend to bring to you recipes for christmas meals that you and your family will never forget in a hurry.
If you have a special recipe please share it with us:msgeaglesworld@gmail.com...Now lets settle down and learn how to make Raisin Coleslaw!
Remember you can twist this up till you get what you want.

Raisins are a great addition to Cereals, pastries, and my recent favorite…salads. Raisins with Corn Flakes (Check), Raisins with Oats (Check), Raisins with Cakes & Pies (Check) and finally…..Raisins with salads (Double check). The thing is, I never thought adding raisins to simple salads would taste so good but on this particular day I decided to try something different and it turned out impressively Fantabulous. It gave this simple coleslaw a burst of sugary sweetness. 

12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change Your Life)

What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it.

This law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is wholly for the sake of education or learning.
A person may not escape the consequences of his actions, but he will suffer only if he himself has made the conditions ripe for his suffering. Ignorance of the law is no excuse whether the laws are man-made or universal.
To stop being afraid and to start being empowered in the worlds of karma and reincarnation, here is what you need to know about karmic laws.