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I can’t remember ever having to set a reminder in order to remember my birthday or the day I lost my dad. But I know I have to set reminders for a lot of other things. We barely forget some important dates and activities no matter the level of distraction around us. 

        And such is the Christmas season; you don’t need to check your calendar
before you know that we are already in the Christmas season especially if you stay here in Calabar.
       The Christmas light on the street, the songs on the radio, the decoration in front of banks and other institutions, all serve as a beautiful reminder of the Christmas season. I personally agree that the season deserves every hype it receives (and even much more) because it is the birthday of the greatest man that ever lived.

The only unfortunate thing about all these is that a lot of people remember Christmas for the wrong reasons. Why is this season so important to you? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you remember Christmas? Is it the wild (and ungodly) parties, the delicacies, the new things, the gifts, the carnival, the sexual pleasures, or the reunion? Perhaps you have never asked yourself these questions before and you have just being remembering Christmas for the wrong reasons.

  I am not in any way trying to preach against celebrating Christmas. It is very good to celebrate Christmas because the coming of Jesus to the world is the best gift to humanity. In fact, I will buy as many new things I can afford for others and myself to celebrate Christmas. But we must not be carried away by the celebration and traditions that we forget the reason for the season else we celebrate in vain.

Please remember (as you celebrate Christmas this year) that Christmas is basically about the birth of Jesus. Also meditate on the purpose of His coming and His corresponding achievements too as you celebrate. A constant reminder of these things will help you to get the best out of the season.
The three wise men and the shepherds have shown us that Jesus must be at the centre of our celebration. They went to worship Him, present gifts to Him, celebrate His birth and also proclaim His birth to the world. It was all about Him and not about their personal pleasures.

 Don’t be so carried away by the traditions and celebration attached to the season that you completely neglect the celebrant this season.


Oluwaseun Adeomi


  1. This was a great article. Many people forget Jesus, while christmas has to be all about Jesus!

  2. Thanks Ladies for Sharing your view. I Pray that we will meet with baby JESUS and have that special encounter like the Magi did.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Great writing...there's a reason for this season aside all the merriment..



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