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i got into the *Potato* Hype lately. i kept talking of how i was going to prepare Potato porridge and all the yummy recipe i was going to try.
Then Last week i went to the market and this is what happened:

Market woman: My daughter come buy potato
Me: Madam How much is it! 
Woman: 1 Kilo is 200 naira
Me: okay measure the kilo make i see

And she did, i thought to my self this is good business.Yayyyyyy finally the potatoes of my dreams. LOL

Hmmmmmmm, i elegantly paid for it and left,preparing my tales of how i bought the potatoes and how i was not cheated.

Fast forward to yesterday,
My Mum saw the potatoes and she asked if i wanted to prepare Salad and i said; "Noooo na, it's potato porridge i want to prepare oh, abi you want me to fry it" ?
and she said but this is Irish Potato and this is mostly used for salad na, this one has no taste and won't be sweet sef even if you fry it....

Ohhhh My, how could she say the potato won't be sweet, i've been eating potato na and it's because of it's taste i went for this one.

Well to cut the long story short, she was right.
I bought *irish Potato*, and it had no taste after i prepared the porridge.

So here is the thing( lesson):
Potato has different types and they taste differently.

Irish/Regular potatoes are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sugar and Sodium. They are also a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium and Manganese.

Sweet potatoes are low in Sodium, and very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Also, a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Manganese
          On the calories scale, both potatoes are comparable. Sweet potatoes  contain 90calories per 100g and Regular (Irish) potatoes have 93 calories per 100g. Irish potatoes beat sweet potatoes on the sugar level with 5g less sugar per 100g  and on the protein level as well.
Sweet potatoes trump Regular potatoes on all other nutrition comparison. They are higher in Carbohydrate which is necessary for energy level, higher in fibre which is responsible for digestive health, significantly higher in vitamin A which contributes to normal growth and development and keeps the eye, skin and immune systems healthy.
For the average healthy adult, sweet potatoes are definitely a better choice. However, for people with health conditions requiring low sodium, low sugar or a combination of both, regular potatoes are a better option. Other great sources of Vitamin A (Chicken and turkey liver, Cod Liver oil and carrot juice)
Fun Facts:
  • Potato is native to South America
  • Potatoes have been used as food as long as 400BC
  • A significant amount of potato nutrient is on or directly underneath the skin
  • Worldwide there are thought to be over 4000 varieties in over 6 colors ( Red, Black, Yellow, Brown, Purle and white)
  • Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes is a source of beta-carotene
Store potatoes in dark, cool, dry place.
Where to buy: For those who live in West Africa sweet potatoes are available all year round. In north America, Asian food specialty stores carry them all the time (they are an important ingredient in Asian desserts). Stores like Super store also carry sweet potatoes(buy the once in the ethnic food section not the giant once). Safeway also carries the orange variety of sweet potatoes.
Recipes for Potato *Anything*
This list will be updated as soon as i get more recipes.
Source: 9ja foodie


  1. This is very educating...personally, I prefer fried Irish potato with ketchup or egg sauce


    1. Yeah, maybe you could e-mail me your recipe so i can enjoy irish potatoes like you do.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Great post. I didn't know potatoes are native to South America! YAY! I am from South America also. I love potatoes but never tried them in a porridge. Sounds like a good idea will be trying it!

    1. Yayyyy Glad you liked this post.
      Be sure to let me know how the porridge attempt ended...

  3. Obey your parents in the lord for this is right.
    that's for you, momma was right after all u see so you did compete the story pls. start again i was enjoying it...

    1. LOl Epkiri
      i'll complete the story when i finally get to eat sweet potato porridge.
      Thanks for stopping by

  4. I love sweet potatoes. I cook them in the microwave. I know it's not safe, but it is sweeter that way.

    1. well anything for a plate of sweet potatoes.but you should try porridge and you'd love it

  5. sweet potato is as it is Sweet...and guess what their more nutritious. Especially for those weight watchers, sweet potatoes contain less fat, way better than yam. I just bought a basket of sweet potatoes, and i think am going to make porridge.yipeeeeee


    1. Send me your address or else i kidnap that pot at night oh ........lol


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