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Hi Beauties,
Another outfit of the day post.

I love bright colors.

I dressed this jacket  HERE

A little bit of sunshine (yellow), growth( green) and blue sky will make your day. Try it and thank me later.

the eye???? it's the outfit i'm showing off.
 You don't have to break the bank to look good.

Don't be afraid to pull out those colors in your drawer and add a lil color to your Life.
If you need more tips check out JUST PORSH, STYLE FASH And BEXLOVES2DRESS


  1. Love the sequin lapels of your jacket.

  2. Omg... That jacket is so fabulous

  3. Hey Ugo I've Missed you! :) Thank you so much for the "stray chickens" and "I'm no good" links I followed both! :)

    You look Beautiful ... as always! ;) I Love yellow for some reason, guess because it's such a bright and cheerful color! :)Mixing it with green, blue, red, black, white almost any color it really make those colors pop!

    Hope to catch up on your prior posts this week ... the last two weeks were hectic, but it's all good now! *fingers crossed*

    God Bless You and the Family! Have a Brilliant Day! =D

  4. Wow! u look amazing! Love how you mixed the colors! Great outfit! Well done, my friend!


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