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A Merry Wedding Dayyyy

I went for a wedding last weekend with my mum...............lovely woman, i look like my dad sha*wink*
she got me this dress, i burnt it with an iron but she fixed it for me.....i really need to learn how to sew fast.
My Mum does a great job with clothes.......but i did a great job with that gele. abi???
tell me the truth>>>lol


Hello everyone merry christmas to y'all................................
i want to share my high and lows of my nysc camp with you.
last month i was in camp getting orientation for a one year compulsory service year........My first time in the north or north central.....*whatever*
You know that feeling you have when you go somewhere you've never been before, fear and excitement all at once.
I got there early enough to meet with the parade test by soldiers, my name was written down sha...*winks* but you don't want this if you can't deal with standing under the sun for long hours, parading.
i was smart enough to pack well, making sure that everything fitted into one big bag........after the parade test, the soldiers asked me to carry my bag on my head..............that was not fun, but since my bag was not so big and heavy i could do that without much trouble.
Note: Pack lightly for NYSC CAMP, the drills at the gate on the first day is not always funny especially under the sun....*straight face*


Hello everyone, inakwana????? antashi lafiya!!!
Menene sunanki!!!!!!(hausa languague)
okay don't ask me what it means oh cuz i'm still learning......
The weather conditions in my new location are extreme, too hot or too cold, but in all i rejoice..

Christmas is here again, time to worship, adore and give thanks to a loving God.......His love for me and you can never be measured...
I pray everyday that i will fully understand and grasp how high, wide, long and deep God's love is for me......oh and may that day not tarry.....cuz it comes with power and freedom.

I have lot's of reasons to celebrate and in celebrating there has to be giving and receiving..
this is my first public wishlist and it's going to be really simple and affordable...It's coming early so i won't get excuses, santa is just preparing his bag of goodies so pick one item here and drop it with him, so he'll deliver it on time.......*serious face*


Hello Lovely people, how are you??

I’ve missed you…….the interactions, chats, lessons to share and learn……..i’m glad I’m back.
It’s been God all the way.
Thank you sweet Ernie, Buiti for calling …………Buiti you did so well, how you got my number I don’t know but you showed love. Thank you.
To everyone for the email and facebook message thank you so much.
Now I know what Amaka is going through.(hi Amaka)
I have lot’s of gist for you, so grab your popcorn and soda.
So what did i miss..................gist me..



Just a little way to appreciate you Mami, your kind words and the last 22 minute call. (yep i checked when we said goodbyes).
i celebrate with you today.

You are special, encouraging and real.
Sharing those experiences that should have been a secret just to reach out to someone is great strength and i celebrate you.
I pray that you will only rejoice and be glad as long as you live.
You will conquer your fears and walk in your purpose and destiny.
Your Husband will call you blessed and so will your children.
You will enjoy peace, abundant provision, and success in everything you set out to do.
I Love you Erniesha Tibs....

Free from Invisible Chains

Hello everyone, in our last class we talked about.................who can remember???? *sees plenty hands* oh okay it seems everyone attended. if you did not, go to this room and we'll wait for you.......................
Are your shoes shining??? Yupppppppppppppppppppppp. Perfect.
Let the dancing begin.......hahahaha
Forgive me eagle's, i'm trying to lighten your mood and i pray that your smile will never finish in Jesus name. Amen.

The Natural Hair Meet up in Calabar was a success, i was a vendor representing sizzelle.....So i missed out on the lectures, could not take lot's of pictures, infact i'll gist all about it later.

I did a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG HAIRRRRR CHOPPPPPP....after my last post you'll know why i did it.
All i have to do now is spray water on my hair before i comb it....... focus now is to get my scalp healthy, no sores or dandruff.
if you have any tip please share it.


*Walks into the room with a sad face*
Hi, beautiful ones!!!
I've been having scalp issues but ignored it many times, i just felt it was the protective style that gave me the aches and pains.....but now i can't even touch my scalp.
There was a time i used Methylated Spirit to clean my scalp to stop the itching......
My scalp itches badly and it so painful....i did a little research to find a cure for the trouble I've been facing. This is what i found:

Why does the Scalp Hurt?
1. Harsh chemicals 
2. Fungal infection
3. Bacterial infection
4. Viral infection
5. Fungus tinea
6. Psoriasis
7. Chemotherapy
8. Muscle contraction headache
9. Excessive scalp oil
10. Contact dermatitis
11. Stress
12. Other causes
Source: google

Remedies for Scalp Hurt
1. Avoid products that contain sodium laurel sulfate

Happy New Month

You can only feel free if you've been bound,tight and confined to a particular position.
A parrot that has suddenly gone quiet.
A peacock whose beauty cannot be seen anymore.
You can only give thanks if you know what it means to give or be in lack.

Success is not measured by how many labelled dresses you have or the number of zero's in your account.
Being true to your self, doing what your passionate about, appreciating the simple things in life and walking in the ways of your creator is SUCCESS.

Many times i feel like shutting the doors of my life and being alone, or pausing time or life just to have a quiet moment away from the voice of failure ringing in my head, social media, society etc.

i can only be brave and BRAVE I WILL BE because in the end it was never about others but meah.


Ladies, get into the house i have something to tell ya'll.............................................
YOUR PRICELESS, yep you are and believe it..
You know how difficult it is for you to decide on what to wear before you step out of the house every morning......frustrating right???
and for the jewelry lovers, it can be more difficult to make a choice fast before 8 am.

 Well have i ever told you how gorgeous your eyes are????
You think i'm not seeing them, well i work in a computer firm and i can see through computer screens especially now that your reading this post>>>>>>> lol.....okay that's just to make you smile and probably laugh.....hahahahahaha.
Thank you so much for encouraging me on my last post, i appreciate all the comments....Tanchu :)

Before i spill,*and by the way i'm just trying to keep you here for more than 5 minutes, i hope it 

The Sisterhood Award

hello everyone!!!!
We got another award, one i've never heard of before but i'm glad that the blog is appreciated and this is because of you..........yes you reading this right now at this very moment and time. i appreciate you, look forward to reading your comments, adding value to your life and you adding value to mine too.
This award is called SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS AWARD and awarded by Chic Nerline. Thank you :)
"The award is passed from sister blogger to sister blogger and there are just 4 conditions you have to meet when you accept the award".
to the handsome gentlemen in the house please pardon me but enjoy this post.
The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. 

2. Put the award logo on your blog.

 3. Answer their ten questions. 

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees

5. Nominate 10 bloggers

 Nerline's questions:

CHIT-CHAT: What was he thinking or am i the one with a problem???

Hello my fellow country people, today is a good day oh, Nigeria is playing a match in uj esuene stadium right here in calabar and your home girl is in Calabar……Mehn  I can’t wait to hear the scores, if naija scores one I’ll go to the stadium but if not I won’t go……..the last time I watched a match they broke my heart and made me cry so I  don’t want to cry again .lol.
Please Naija win and show us your 10 or 1 pack............hehehe
I pray we win sha…….well unto today’s gist.
Yesterday on my way home i got down from the taxi paid my bill and crossed to other side of the road, heading home to prepare dinner and go see a movie  when this foineeeeeeeee  bobo pulled up and said, hello lady excuse me please.
The first thing my eye caught was he’s fine car (sorry I don’t know the name of his car), clean and handsome face……On a Friday evening he wore a caftan *abi that’s what you guys call it* a ring on his last finger


Hi everyone,
Happy New Month, this is my month of recovery, i can already see everything work out for my good, i pray this month turns out well for you too.
How's everyone?? what's going on with y'all, hope the dreams are fulfilled, the needs are met and the plans actualized? if it looks like it's dragging backward, sing praises for God is cooking something delicious for you and your family.

I did a make-over just for the fun of using my brushes on my friend, i tried the gele skills that Moby and big sis Yemisi  showed us on their blogs...i even tried it on my self too and if your on facebook  you must have seen it on my profile picture.
So i've never been to a make-up classroom before but i just love, love, love using brushes and pencils..........lol
Here are the pictures::
i love myself, regal queen, house of tara foundation, gele tying
 BROW PROCESS: I used sleek eyebrow pencil


Hello everyone!!!
Special announcement!
In collaboration with Natural Nigerian, I’m happy to invite you all to Calabar’s first natural hair meet-up, ‘Natural in Paradise’:)
Join us at Bay’s Bar & Lounge on Saturday,18th October, 2014 for healthy hair talk, natural hair products, networking & lady bonding!
Save the date, this will be so much fun!


Hi friends it's time for serious talk......
Everyone of us will agree that between this age so many things had happened to us, things we are so proud of and some we don’t wish to ever remember in life….
Puberty happens, hormones rise and fall as they wish, leaving us moody or excited…..in trying to understand why those little breast are growing so big, hairs growing out of your armpit and pubic regions, you either seek knowledge from your parents, teachers or friends.
What ever information given, whether right or wrong builds the foundation of your life.
If your above 29, check your life what information did you receive when you were 16??? Did it affect  your life as an adult now???
YES!!! Right???
You were told it’s okay to have sex, after all your friends are doing it?? Abi??? Or you learnt how to get what you want in life, it does not matter how you get it??? Were you assured of how awesome you are, how talented and gifted you are and how great things are going to come out of your life???
Life as a young person, Living as a young person, Making choices, depression, self esteem, quality of life
Source: google


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, *I know guys read my blog and i dey hail oh, all my oga at the top*
How is the ministry...lol mine is getting better by the day and i'm grateful for friends i've never met that have showed me so much love.
Well i've got good news for Beauty Lovers in Lagos....*why is it all happening there???*
Oh i might have to fly in just for this, you know what i'm talking about as per big girl, private jet things abi??? 
okay come back come back let me finish the gist then you can now now go and dream for me..lollllzzzz

A seminar is holding in Lagos this Saturday the 9th August hosted by a Woman i'd love to have


Just few days into the new month and i'm receiving blows from every angle....lol
but still i'll STAND. 
I went thrifting and found this>>>>> a Zara Pump for N1200.
I told you guys that i love thrifting because you'll never know what you can find...i was glad when i saw this pump, i had to buy it.

Porsh wrote all about thrifting in this post and she is an awesome stylist herself.
I wore the shoe and took pictures>>>>>>

LEARNING SERIES: I WISH I....................

Well hello ladies and gentlemen....how are you today???
doing well right??
We got our first entry for the " I WISH I......." series.
The essence is to help someone else make the right choice by sharing your regrets or success. At first i said it should be school related but if your experience is not school related you can still share it with us so we can learn from you.....remember the email is ugomma99@gmail.com.

Alright then let's get to our fist entry:

I wish I struck a balance…

 So through University, I was a self imposed geek, who focused only on getting good grades. You know, the guy that did not want to slip on grades, wanted to sit on the front row all of the time, wanted to always be up to par with Academics, in fact lets just say the guy who
wanted to carry first J. But upon finishing University and coming out in 2012, I realized that I kinda wasn’t fulfilled, my social life was
kinda (pardon my Term) FUCKED up, as I did not date, club nor taste Alcohol throughout my 5 years in University. Mehn the night I signed off yeah, I DID THINGS! And people were like What?? Duru? Nahhhh Thismust be a dream, and I was like Lobatan. Lmao. :P


Hello there, how are you doing??? 
It's Wednesday already and the week is almost over, i pray that you shall achieve great things, accomplish all your plans, be victorious, be a great Mum, be a great Dad, a kind gentle man,be an awesome lady that portrays beauty in all things...above all you will keep shinning.
And to those i'm tagging along may you find the time to respond so that the connection will not be broken and i won't have to write a long letter to you like i did before>>>>Lol
I was tagged by this lovely lady Olakunmi 

Questions and Answer time:
1.  Are you named after someone?
No i'm not
2.   When was the last time you cried?
Few days ago...please don't ask me why.
3. Do you have kiddos?
No, not yet.


Happy new week beauties!!!!
I was tagged by Buiti the Fashionista and i'm supposed to share 20 random things about myself
No 1:.............still thinking of what to share...lol
Okay Patience get serious...ahem *clears throat* oya, on your mark, get set, ready, lets go>>>>>

1. i love Horror Movies but i still love happy endings.
2. Most times i think happy endings are not reality.
3. You should know by now that you can buy my love with lot's of Akara.
4. My body reacts to Eggs...ate them a lot  at a point in my life and now i can't even smell them again.
5. I have a gap tooth......the part of me i love.
can you see it???


inspirations,gratitude,happiness, family,love, friends,ugo

I'm thankful:
To God the giver of life, peace and love
To my Family for being my Family.
To Friends for being there for me
To the person who thought AKARA can be made out of beans..
To Flora for the Liebster award
To Bloom for the Liebster Award
To Uzoma for the Sunshine Award
and to Chiso for the Liebster award (i'm so excited, i can't wait to receive the package, THANKS GURL)

I don't know which one to answer first but i'll do a summary of all the awards and display them on the blog.
I accept the awards
Duru your a blessing to me.......thank you so much
This Blog will be a year old in few days so let me take time to thank EVERY one who has visited, commented and even emailed me.....to make it better and more interesting, what would like to see on this blog???
Share with me in the comment section below.

Please don't forget to drop your link i'll like to visit.
Ps: there's a giveaway on NATURAL CHICA check it out!!!

Thank you for reading and all your lovely comments in my last post:)

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Hello beautiful people.
Happy New Month Every one!!!!
May your desires be granted and peace your companion in Jesus Name Amen.

I found this article and thought i should share.
You see i started being so conscious of the effects of Make-up products on my skin, especially when Toin shared this post with me.
So  i went digging and found  something.

 Lead in Makeup – How to Test for Lead in Makeup

What is Lead?

Lead is a harmful heavy metal commonly used in construction, weights, bullets, batteries, fusible alloys and many more. After a certain point of contact, it becomes poisonous to both humans and animals. It causes a variety of disorders and diseases relate to the blood, brain and nervous system. Out of all the stable elements, lead has the highest atomic number.


Hi, hello, how are you today??
This post is a review and a flaunt of what i won from African Naturalista.
First the review:

Queen helene, body moisturizer, Cocoa butter, Hand and Face Lotion, Skin care, Beauty

I bought this lotion from Sparks shop at Etta Agbor opposite Unical small gate for 1400 Naira.

It's light weight.
comes with a pump, but yet i still have to turn it upside down before i can use it.
 it dries fast when i apply it on my skin, and minutes after i'll start sweating. (i don't know why that happens)
I use it on my face as a moisturizer before using a Primer.


Hi, dear reader
How are you today?
i hope the day is not too hard on you.
Today is one of those day's where i struggle to make it to the end of the day with a smile.
Am i alone in this world? the world of sad days and no excitement......i guess not.

Because i feel this way i just thought i should encourage someone else who's having a rough time like me.

 We all have plenty reasons why we slide into Sad and Unhappy moods but the power to get out lies within us.
Remembering past hurts and thinking of future hurts and failures keeps you negative and unhappy.
Allowing everything and anything to steal your joy.


Hi, just Popping in to say Uh Uh Uh (in the voice of Maria).
I've been behind the scenes reading blogs, enjoying what everyone has to share and changing my blog layout ( not sure if  i can stop doing that). Do you like it???
Is it wrong for me to keep changing it??
What can i do to fix it???
Help a sister here Please......*kisses*

 While your at it let me tell you what I've been doing ;


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i have to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone, for making my Birthday a beautiful one
I'm GRATEFUL, Kisses to you and a big cyber HUG.
Well i just added these items to my beauty rack.

Milk of Magnesia as Primer (N 1800 at a Pharmacy on Marian Road after Atekong Junction, Calabar)

After the Award what Next?

What do you do when you receive an award???
Let's talk about it. shall we?

Blog Awards is one of the ways  bloggers appreciate bloggers, making them feel that what they are doing gives life and wisdom to them and others....It's a motivation to do more, a song of praise and a pump of energy....

Okay let's say your the receiver, you know the excitement and emotions you feel when you see your name on the nominees list especially if your a new blogger and how you express them in words .lol...

It goes like this;  awwwww, thank you honey for nominating me, i'd put up my answers very soon OR  wow!! i didn't see this coming, thanks so much  i can't wait to tag my favorite bloggers too.


Hellloooooooo Blogsville, 
How's every one and everything??? 
Please take time to  pray for the Chibok gurls and our Country. These girls have been converted to Muslim....hmmmm #dier is God oh#.
Please permit me to ask what is wrong with Jay Z and Solange?? Twitter world is doing justice to that footage...lol.......if you ask me i think she was defending her sister or Not... Whatever sha 

Okay about today's post a review of Fm's foundation.  

ArE You WAitINg fOr The MOmeNt??

As you sit here reading this, pause and expand your awareness beyond your computer/phone … what is the reality of this moment?
You’re reading, and there are a bunch of other tasks you want to do on your computer, yes … but there’s also your body. How does that feel? There’s the area around you, perhaps some people around you. There’s nature nearby.
Take a pause to become aware of the actual reality of this particular moment.


Hi Bestie, how are you?
i hope your enjoying your Holiday..It's GOOD FRIDAY, the remembrance of the crucifixtion of Jesus...The only one who has shown us TRUE and LASTING LOVE....
I urge you all to accept his gift of Love,show love to yourself and then to others around.

Well in the spirit of Love, i won a giveaway on modavracha's blog THANKS ONYINYE......a $30 to spend on firmoo's classic frames......unfortunately i can't get the glasses shipped to Nigeria for me, because Firmoo does not ship to Nigeria for now......
So i'm giving my code to ONE LUCKY WINNER.....if you can get the glasses shipped to you then your eligible for this giveaway.....

Product Review:House of Tara Meduim Coverage Foundation

Hi there,
Today's post is a foundation Review: HOUSE OF TARA MEDIUM COVERAGE FOUNDATION

I got this foundation last year at the Uyo Make-up Fair organized by POPs Concept, by the way they are hosting another make-up fair called the Maybelline Make-up Fair, attendance is FREE!!
Make-up, Beauty Bloggers
This is my review of the HOT Foundation:


Hi friends, Thank you for your love and support, i'm pleased that you find this little space to call your home and make regular visits.
For those who take time to drop a "Happy Thought", i love to read each comments, 
Thanks again.
Today's post i'll be sharing pictures of what i've been up to, makeup looks i created and the product i used.
Feel free to re-create each look, i used easy-to-find-products*winks*
Soft and girly


10 Ways to Stop Treating Yourself

Hi friends, lately i've been stalking MARC CHERNOFF's site, and there's a lot of things to read, so many HOW TO'S that may get you feeling weary and tired......Like me you'll begin to think that there's so many things your not doing right.
BUT hey we owe it to ourselves to Love and and care for the one thing that we have when every other thing is taken away from us. YOURSELF, MYSELF, OURSELVES(Body,Mind and Spirit).
So please read this article, like it, pick points, share it but acknowledge the writer.
THANKS FOR YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT, LOVE AND COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG, You Make my day when you visit,like,share and interact with me through this blog.
cheers to many more fruitful blogging years!!!

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and
I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”
―C. JoyBell C.

12 Things You Do That Steals Your Happiness

Here is to start the Month with Happiness 

 Here are a few examples of the latter that will steal your happiness if you let them:

1.  Focusing on everyone’s story except your own.

Don’t be so satisfied with the success stories of others and how things have gone for them that you forget to write your own.  Unfold your own tale and bring it to life.  You have everything you need to become what you are capable of becoming.  Incredible change happens when you decide to take

FASHION: How i Syle My Swimsuits

Hi, I'm  back with another style tip....
Swimsuits were made for swimming right??
Styling swimsuits

And only those that can swim can buy them!
What if you have them but you can't swim??
Do you sell them or gift them out to others??

SIZELLE STORE: Valentine weekend special

Hello lovely people. To show you how much we love and appreciate you, we are having a 10% off sale all weekend, starting 12 am on Friday morning to end 12 midnight on Sunday night.

Here is the Link
Simply enter the code LOVE10 in the coupon box provided. Then click Apply Coupon.
Sizelle store Valentine Discount Code Offer
Happy Valentines day Dearies.


My First Liebster Award

This award is given to new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 blog followers, it is  a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers. promoting and supporting upcoming blog.
    I was nominated for Liebster Award, and  this is my first nomination for this blog, nominated by the Lovely Olufunmi of "Lady Wannabe Blog".


  • You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award.
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
  • Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers,.
  • You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
  • You must inform the nominees that have been nominated." 

Funmi Questions and my answers: 


Hello Fabulous People,

Thanks to Funmi of LadyWannabe's Blog   for Nominating me for the LIEBSTER AWARD...
I'll soon publish my answers and you might be one of my nominees for the award...:)

I have a Valentine Package for y'all.
The good people of BORNPRETTY STORE gifted me with a 10% discount code for every item you choose on the site.
The Code:


The store has wide variety of different fashion and beauty items you need, Plus they offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.


I hope i just put a smile on someone's face today!!