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ArE You WAitINg fOr The MOmeNt??

As you sit here reading this, pause and expand your awareness beyond your computer/phone … what is the reality of this moment?
You’re reading, and there are a bunch of other tasks you want to do on your computer, yes … but there’s also your body. How does that feel? There’s the area around you, perhaps some people around you. There’s nature nearby.
Take a pause to become aware of the actual reality of this particular moment.


Hi Bestie, how are you?
i hope your enjoying your Holiday..It's GOOD FRIDAY, the remembrance of the crucifixtion of Jesus...The only one who has shown us TRUE and LASTING LOVE....
I urge you all to accept his gift of Love,show love to yourself and then to others around.

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So i'm giving my code to ONE LUCKY WINNER.....if you can get the glasses shipped to you then your eligible for this giveaway.....