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ArE You WAitINg fOr The MOmeNt??

As you sit here reading this, pause and expand your awareness beyond your computer/phone … what is the reality of this moment?
You’re reading, and there are a bunch of other tasks you want to do on your computer, yes … but there’s also your body. How does that feel? There’s the area around you, perhaps some people around you. There’s nature nearby.
Take a pause to become aware of the actual reality of this particular moment.

As we go through our day, we’re often stressed because of all the things we have to do, the things we’re not doing. We worry about how things will go in the future, and procrastinate because we’re afraid of an overwhelming task. We feel we’re not good enough, we compare ourselves to others, we fall short of some ideal. We replay a conversation that already happened.

That’s all in our heads, but it’s all fantasy. The reality of this specific moment is that you’re OK. Better than OK, actually: there are so many good things to be grateful for, in this moment.
And there are the particulars of the moment that only exist, right now. The combination of sounds and colors and shapes and smells around you will never exist in this particular combination ever again. The way your body feels, the thought that pops into your head in the next moment, will never exist again, ever.
You yourself are changing all the time. We think of ourselves as one unchanging entity, but the self that you are right now is different than the one you were before you read this article. And that was different than the one who woke up this morning, because various things interacted with you to change you in small (or large) ways.

So the you that exists right now will change in a moment, from interacting with the particulars of the next moment. The you that exists right now will never exist again.
This is the ever-changing, impermanent nature of you. And in truth, every single thing around you is changing all the time, sometimes in less obvious ways. Everyone around you is changing. Each moment is a fluid snapshot of impermanent changing entities, interacting with each other.
That’s the reality of this moment. Don’t miss it.
And this awareness is available to you all the time. Throughout the day, as you start to worry and get lost in your tasks, ask yourself, “What’s the reality of this moment?”

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Written By Leo Babauta
Source: Zen-Habits
Photo Credit:Get-covers.com,google.com


  1. Beautiful article. so inspiring. Love it :-)


  2. Great post hun! Excellent read we really need to focus more on appreciating the now.

    I blog here:

  3. Life is lived in moments. So i completely comprehend and am so loving this post. It has just made me revist the happenings of my life..thanks for this


    1. Ur welcome Ritah, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Very inspiring, i love this.

  5. Ms. Ugo, its amazing how i can just come here, and be sure that I will be Motivated to go on before i leave. Thank you for sharing this post, you are a real Source of strength. Cheers

    1. Than you Duru, your comments keep me motivated.
      PS: i love your blog and your Blog MUM too:)

  6. So true! The truth is there can be so much chaos, but we've not learned to stay calm in the moments we are able to breathe. Thankfully there are a number of techniques to keep us from enjoying the moment. More generation, even with the advent of technology make it a lot difficult to learn to enjoy the moments.

    Great insights Ugo, we constantly have to unlearn the habits having to create mental images of the future already, to avoid missing the special moments that we can't really get back. I'm reminded too


    1. and i pray we get it right soon enough not to miss those moments that will soon be in the past.
      Thanks Dear for your insightful comment

  7. You are a brilliant writer!! Loved the way you put your beautiful thoughts together!! Very impressive <3

    Happy sunday!

    1. I'll pass this to Leo.
      Thanks Charu:)

  8. Very lovely dear

  9. Great post, thanks for the visit.

  10. Hello Ugo, I also found your blog, lovely one here too!
    I am now following you on GFC.


  11. Thanks so very much for this brilliant post :) No longer will I wait for the 'perfect' moment!

  12. The last quote says it all, hun!

  13. You really inspired me, I actually did pause and did as you said. You are an awesome writer. *thumbs up*

  14. I love this post cause it captures the mind.. I hardly change though but with what I just read I know I won't notice those changes yet.. And for me to leave a comment you know your blog is special .. Keep up the good work fellow blogger ..

  15. Very inspiring piece, very true why wait for that perfect moment, the funny thing is there may never be a perfect moment, so you may wait forever!! Thanks for visiting the blog, come back anytime!!


  16. Great post.



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