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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i have to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone, for making my Birthday a beautiful one
I'm GRATEFUL, Kisses to you and a big cyber HUG.
Well i just added these items to my beauty rack.

Milk of Magnesia as Primer (N 1800 at a Pharmacy on Marian Road after Atekong Junction, Calabar)

After the Award what Next?

What do you do when you receive an award???
Let's talk about it. shall we?

Blog Awards is one of the ways  bloggers appreciate bloggers, making them feel that what they are doing gives life and wisdom to them and others....It's a motivation to do more, a song of praise and a pump of energy....

Okay let's say your the receiver, you know the excitement and emotions you feel when you see your name on the nominees list especially if your a new blogger and how you express them in words .lol...

It goes like this;  awwwww, thank you honey for nominating me, i'd put up my answers very soon OR  wow!! i didn't see this coming, thanks so much  i can't wait to tag my favorite bloggers too.


Hellloooooooo Blogsville, 
How's every one and everything??? 
Please take time to  pray for the Chibok gurls and our Country. These girls have been converted to Muslim....hmmmm #dier is God oh#.
Please permit me to ask what is wrong with Jay Z and Solange?? Twitter world is doing justice to that footage...lol.......if you ask me i think she was defending her sister or Not... Whatever sha 

Okay about today's post a review of Fm's foundation.