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After the Award what Next?

What do you do when you receive an award???
Let's talk about it. shall we?

Blog Awards is one of the ways  bloggers appreciate bloggers, making them feel that what they are doing gives life and wisdom to them and others....It's a motivation to do more, a song of praise and a pump of energy....

Okay let's say your the receiver, you know the excitement and emotions you feel when you see your name on the nominees list especially if your a new blogger and how you express them in words .lol...

It goes like this;  awwwww, thank you honey for nominating me, i'd put up my answers very soon OR  wow!! i didn't see this coming, thanks so much  i can't wait to tag my favorite bloggers too.

Maybe i didn't use the right words but i think every blogger who has received an award knows what i'm talking about.


Shebi  you waka come Blogsville alone (lol), to make friends and interact with people you might never meet in life. Soooooooo.......

I know how difficult it is to think of 20 random facts, 11 things about me, or give answers to questions that you've never taken time to ask yourself. lol

But if blogsville has to be interesting and social then we must receive and give blog awards to each other,answer our questions or politely refuse the award..

Maybe the questions should be reduced, the requirements adjusted and an BLOGGERS AWARD NIGHT for bloggers  to receive the awards (i'd attend that dinner if it ever holds)......
Whatever motivation you need to spill those answers please get it from this picture :D...


This post is a reminder to my latest nominees BERRY DAKARA, YOUR'S TRULY, BUITI, NIKKISHO, & CHIDINMA...Biko accept my award and prove it by publishing your answers.....
.if this does not work i'll find another way  of getting these ladies to accept the award.
I'll excuse Aunty Chinazor because of her good news, but i'll be waiting too oh.

On a serious Note: Be careful what you tell the whole World.

Okay i think i'm done!!!!!
Just a little reminder #all this things you people are doing, hmmmm...........#
Please Hit me Nicely with your comments*winks*


  1. Ugo na wa for u oo lol na me u rite this letter for? I will accept, in short I have accepted. I will do my soon believe me.. www.fashionitazbybuiti.blogspot.com

  2. Hahahhahaaa....Ugo you don kill me with this your post!! They'll go commando on your a**. Lol!! Good one :-)


  3. Hi Ugo,
    I tend to give awards to people I feel are likely to answer my questions. Bloggers that I care about knowing things about. I guess it depends on how often the blogger comes to visit my blog and how we have collaborated in the past. And if the blogger does not reply, O well! No hard feelings here. Kisses babe!

  4. I just smile and smile and smile...and then I say thanks, wave my award in the air for a second... and then I walk away quickly. jk jk :P
    It's great but super awkward at the same time lol


  5. Ugo babes! You got me rolling on this... From this post I can sense you love your friends' attention (who doesn't?).

    I feel you girl on this one... I think they tend to ignore such fun awards bcos of time or they lack interest, or probably they don't like who nominated them hehehe some even go to the extent of deleting comments informing them of the award from their blog.

    My dear, if they do not accept, rejoice with the ones that accepted and keep shinning! *hugs*

    1. lol, Thanks Cathy....but i still hope they accept the award:)

  6. *lol* This article is so true :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog honey!
    Would you like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin? Please let me know :)

    Dolce Kisses ♥

    Bloglovin | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  7. I think asking questions is part of the ward process and I do agree that the questions should either be answered or politely reply that you can't for whatever reason! Fun post!!

  8. hIHIHI Rub it in--they got to gerrit--I think you need to write it out in more than one language


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