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Hi, just Popping in to say Uh Uh Uh (in the voice of Maria).
I've been behind the scenes reading blogs, enjoying what everyone has to share and changing my blog layout ( not sure if  i can stop doing that). Do you like it???
Is it wrong for me to keep changing it??
What can i do to fix it???
Help a sister here Please......*kisses*

 While your at it let me tell you what I've been doing ;

1. I've been stalking Moby and i learnt how to tie gele from her. Gurl your doing a great job.
2. Found a new blog MakeupCubicle.blogspot.com
3. Started using the MILK OF MAGNESIA with Fear of this
4. I've enjoyed every drop of my almond oil, on my hair and Skin, you can get yours Here...
5. I've been planning to take over the world fast. any tips??
6. I'm still reading Spirit Controlled Temperament and you can buy it Here.
7. I'm in love with Smoothies because of Her.
8. I can't get over this post by Sisi Yemmie and she's Hosting a giveaway too.

and finally i've been WORKING.

May the soul of Prof. Dora Akunyili Rest in Perfect Peace.

Tell me what you've been doing and how i can take over the World??

The Best person you can show Love to is YOU.

I'm always here, Thanks for Visiting my blog.
Loads of Love


  1. been working and reading blogs when I can.


    1. ...........and looking fabulous in those beautiful pieces you rock on your blog:)

  2. Girl, I have been changing my blog too. I love your layout. I think the main blog pops out more when the body/outer background is a darker color.

    1. i agree with you but getting the perfect match is the ish. well for now i'll just enjoy this one:)
      Thanks Ma'am

  3. I have been changing my blog's layout too but will stick to the present one for a while till i see a better one. On taking over the world, I can't allow you to take over the world alone *winks*. So when you get the answer pls do share.
    Sweet Dinma's Blog

    1. hahaahaha, Dinma what are Sister's for??....
      but you know i'll have to try the Method first to know if it'll work before i share...... abi??
      Your new layout is Neat and Cute. i like it:)

  4. Wow! girl, you are planning to take over the world for real! just ask pinky and brain for some tips,they plan that every day,lol

    1. lolllllz.........it's been long i saw that cartoon, i need to revisit it again:)

  5. Welcome Back Chica!! Missed you posts ..
    I have been good thanks for asking.. Plodding on and enjoying life :-)

    Thank you for the ShoutOut.. You're a Star!!
    I am really pleased that the blog has made you fall in love with smoothies, that's what the blog is there for! Keep making those healthy smoothies! I have read Spirit, Controlled Temperament 4 times & you'll be glad to know it's a good read. If you are like me, I take notes & go back to my books from time to time especially if they're books that correct certain ways in one's life.

    So you're planning on taking over the world eh? You Go Girl ....When you think of the things you want to do .. hit me up so I can join you on that mission! Looool!

    With regards to changing the format and layout of your blog, I do it often as my blog is fairly new Lol! When I created the blog in May it was basic but everyday I see different widgets & say I want that & then add it. I try not to clutter my page up so options are visible. Your new outlook looks fresh and fab ..keep it up sweet cheeks!!

    Now get back to posting so I can read a blog from you ...

    Welcome Back SweetCheeks xoxo


    1. awwww, thanks for dropping it so nice and refreshing:)
      I'll try to keep the blog alive with more post and the layout always fresh:)
      Thanks Hun

  6. Great work so far, I am also trying to change my blog layout. I have a bit of constructive criticism for you, I find the pop ups to be distracting, I am unable to cancel them and they block my view of the blog. Also maybe a customized header?

    1. hmmmm, i'll fix them soon:)
      Thanks Sarah.

  7. I've been working my ass off and searching for new blogs too..guess that's what landed me here. As for taking over the world gurl err, no comments. Www.seyonhundeyin.blogspot.com

    1. lol. i'm glad you found me......you stick to me like bread and butter.*wink*

  8. Welcome back! :)
    I love the layout. It's not overwhelming.


  9. Serious underground run na him you dey do sha lol.. Good you back

    1. Lolz, i'm prepping to be super gorgeous like you :)


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