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LEARNING SERIES: I WISH I....................

Well hello ladies and gentlemen....how are you today???
doing well right??
We got our first entry for the " I WISH I......." series.
The essence is to help someone else make the right choice by sharing your regrets or success. At first i said it should be school related but if your experience is not school related you can still share it with us so we can learn from you.....remember the email is ugomma99@gmail.com.

Alright then let's get to our fist entry:

I wish I struck a balance…

 So through University, I was a self imposed geek, who focused only on getting good grades. You know, the guy that did not want to slip on grades, wanted to sit on the front row all of the time, wanted to always be up to par with Academics, in fact lets just say the guy who
wanted to carry first J. But upon finishing University and coming out in 2012, I realized that I kinda wasn’t fulfilled, my social life was
kinda (pardon my Term) FUCKED up, as I did not date, club nor taste Alcohol throughout my 5 years in University. Mehn the night I signed off yeah, I DID THINGS! And people were like What?? Duru? Nahhhh Thismust be a dream, and I was like Lobatan. Lmao. :P


Hello there, how are you doing??? 
It's Wednesday already and the week is almost over, i pray that you shall achieve great things, accomplish all your plans, be victorious, be a great Mum, be a great Dad, a kind gentle man,be an awesome lady that portrays beauty in all things...above all you will keep shinning.
And to those i'm tagging along may you find the time to respond so that the connection will not be broken and i won't have to write a long letter to you like i did before>>>>Lol
I was tagged by this lovely lady Olakunmi 

Questions and Answer time:
1.  Are you named after someone?
No i'm not
2.   When was the last time you cried?
Few days ago...please don't ask me why.
3. Do you have kiddos?
No, not yet.


Happy new week beauties!!!!
I was tagged by Buiti the Fashionista and i'm supposed to share 20 random things about myself
No 1:.............still thinking of what to share...lol
Okay Patience get serious...ahem *clears throat* oya, on your mark, get set, ready, lets go>>>>>

1. i love Horror Movies but i still love happy endings.
2. Most times i think happy endings are not reality.
3. You should know by now that you can buy my love with lot's of Akara.
4. My body reacts to Eggs...ate them a lot  at a point in my life and now i can't even smell them again.
5. I have a gap tooth......the part of me i love.
can you see it???


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I'm thankful:
To God the giver of life, peace and love
To my Family for being my Family.
To Friends for being there for me
To the person who thought AKARA can be made out of beans..
To Flora for the Liebster award
To Bloom for the Liebster Award
To Uzoma for the Sunshine Award
and to Chiso for the Liebster award (i'm so excited, i can't wait to receive the package, THANKS GURL)

I don't know which one to answer first but i'll do a summary of all the awards and display them on the blog.
I accept the awards
Duru your a blessing to me.......thank you so much
This Blog will be a year old in few days so let me take time to thank EVERY one who has visited, commented and even emailed me.....to make it better and more interesting, what would like to see on this blog???
Share with me in the comment section below.

Please don't forget to drop your link i'll like to visit.
Ps: there's a giveaway on NATURAL CHICA check it out!!!

Thank you for reading and all your lovely comments in my last post:)

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Hello beautiful people.
Happy New Month Every one!!!!
May your desires be granted and peace your companion in Jesus Name Amen.

I found this article and thought i should share.
You see i started being so conscious of the effects of Make-up products on my skin, especially when Toin shared this post with me.
So  i went digging and found  something.

 Lead in Makeup – How to Test for Lead in Makeup

What is Lead?

Lead is a harmful heavy metal commonly used in construction, weights, bullets, batteries, fusible alloys and many more. After a certain point of contact, it becomes poisonous to both humans and animals. It causes a variety of disorders and diseases relate to the blood, brain and nervous system. Out of all the stable elements, lead has the highest atomic number.