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Hello there, how are you doing??? 
It's Wednesday already and the week is almost over, i pray that you shall achieve great things, accomplish all your plans, be victorious, be a great Mum, be a great Dad, a kind gentle man,be an awesome lady that portrays beauty in all things...above all you will keep shinning.
And to those i'm tagging along may you find the time to respond so that the connection will not be broken and i won't have to write a long letter to you like i did before>>>>Lol
I was tagged by this lovely lady Olakunmi 

Questions and Answer time:
1.  Are you named after someone?
No i'm not
2.   When was the last time you cried?
Few days ago...please don't ask me why.
3. Do you have kiddos?
No, not yet.
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
sincerely right now No.....my mood swings makes me scared of myself sometimes but i'm working hard to be MY BEST FRIEND.
5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
yes Pastries and Protein
6. Do you like handwriting?
Yes i love my Mum's handwriting.
7. What's your favorite cereal?
Corn flakes and Oats
8. What's the first thing you notice about people?
Their Fingernails, hair and outfit....smh for myself. lol
9. What's the color of your eyes?
The last time i checked Black
10. Scary movie or happy endings?
Scary Movies
11. Favorite TV show?
My Mum and I, 24 and Doctor 92010
12. Summer or Winter?
Do you mean Dry and Raining Season???? lol i love raining season cuz i don't like to sweat.
13. Hugs or kisses?
14. Do you have any special talent?
I can draw and eat>>>> i have lots of special abilities but if i start listing them you won't finish reading this post...so chill :D
15. Where were you born? 
 Calabar.....in a church
16. What are your hobbies?
Drawing, writing, Designing and organizing
17. Do you have any pets?
Nope, don't have and  never will
18. Favorite movie?
Person of Interest
19. What color is your car?
I don't have a car yet but if i do i'll love a red car.
20.What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be all that God want's me to be.

I want to be Myself, understand my abilities, talents and skills, how to use them, when to use them...........i want to be my best friend.
I'll be tagging the following Lovely People:
Lady Porsh
Lady Funmi
Lady Roni 
Lady Nerline
Lady Maurissa  
Lady Chechee
Lady Vieve
Lady Oluwaseun
Lady Ernie
Lady Missy May
Lady Larisa
Lady DeeVine
Lady Lori
Lady Yvonne
Lady Ritah
Lady Toin (you know it's been long babe :3)
Lady Cilverly 
 Gentleman Duru
Please don't mind the lady and gentleman thing going on in this post, i'm just trying to be a lady too>>>just like the second lady i tagged*tongue out*
Alright then, thank you so much for reading and commenting .
So i was thinking for those who have finished Uni or still in Uni, can you share the lesson's you learnt after school...something you wish your child will do or never do when he/she get into the university.
Please just send me a mail with the subject: "I WISH I.........." to ugomma99@gmail.com.
The essence of this is this: SOMEONE WILL LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. so keep the mails coming, i'll compile all answers and publish them.
What do you think???
Would you Love to share your experiences so someone can learn??
I'll be waiting:)
Thank you so much.
Stay fabulous
MUch Love


  1. Lol! I was like "shuo, all the bloggers you are tagging have lady in their blog name"? Till I realized it was intentional.
    Nice , I also answered mine a couple of days ago


    1. Lol.. same with me


    2. Errrrr.... Ugo, tell us more about number 15

  2. Loll.
    This is nice.
    Would respond to this soon. Thanks for the tag.

  3. thnks for tagging me Lady Ugo :)

  4. Loool i know i've been MIA (face-palm) I'll def respond to this soon. Thanks for the tag sweetie

    So, i know you said not to ask but i'm going to anyway. Why did you cry a few days ago?

    1. i cried because i miss you and those lovely post *puppy face*

  5. The funniest answer is the eating part..

  6. Thanks.shld get to doing this as soon as I can..

  7. I love your sense of humour. Enjoyed reading this.


  8. Hihihihi...will surely revert...you so funny....talent of eating surely lol 😉😉😉😉

  9. Yipppppeeeeeeeee mehn I am feeling so Ghen-ghen right now oh! you know? and I am even wearing my Mr. Nigeria Smile :). Blessed am I among Women.. lmao. Thanks Bubba, for the Tag. Trust me, i will try to Email you ASAP.

    P.S: I clicked on "Notify me" on your I am Thankful Post, so i could follow up on other commenters... Nne, my phone kept Vibrating like it was my Birthday :). I mean You are almost as Popular as Obama. :) Kai Its official, I want to be like Beautiful Ugo when i grow up. You have so manyyyyyyy wonderful followers.

    Talk about Talented, I picture Ugo. Plus that Your beautiful dentition had me short of words... In the words of Banky W... Get this Omoge wey catch my eyess... **Winks. (I have one Meeting now now, so this was typed in a rush, i hope there are no Typos oh, but if there are, baby mi, abeg use your Church m,ind read am oh! **winks)

    1. lol.....Oh Duru your have a great personality. Thanks Bobo for the lovely compliments:)

    2. lol.....Oh Duru your have a great personality. Thanks Bobo for the lovely compliments:)

  10. Lol. You are funny joor. Eating? *smh*

    1. i googled your name today but could not get a link to your blog....i'm tagging you too oh.
      Please accept the tag:)

  11. Bwahaha....funny great post Ugo! Nice to know a few things about you. Beautiful :) Appreciate the tag - pls post will be up soonest.
    *LOL to Duru's comment!*


  12. Muah!!!!!!!..... Aww mami....this is so sweet of you......I dunno what to say.... :)....thanks alot mami

  13. Love your answers! Horror movies and pastries...yes, we'd get along nicely. LOL! Thanks so much for the tag!

  14. Lollll i love this...thanks for the tag post will be up soon this would be fun :D lady larisa lolllll i might call myself that today xoxo

  15. Loool. I loved this post. It was a very insightful read haha!
    http://iamlam.co.uk/ xx

  16. Love this!! Thanks for tagging me, I'll try to do it ASAP :)

  17. Person of interest has been made into a movie?? How did I not hear about this????
    Love the part about seasons!!!! Hilarious!!! The lady bit got me worried too Lol

  18. Hmmmm interesting piece. But your responses are funny!
    And Duru's comment too.


  19. Ugo thank you for tagging me i really appreciate.

  20. Awww..lovely post..lol @ special talent...:) x

  21. Great post, thanks for tagging me and I'm sorry I'm just replying, the network over here has been erratic no thanks to the weather. Going to post this as soon as I can!

  22. Hahahaha u notice their nails? Cover face*

    1. and you've been chewing your's abi????
      lol biko leave it alone oh or i shall visit you with bitter leaf juice and pepper :p

  23. I enjoyed reading these amazing facts about you, and two of them stood out. I really wish that I could draw - my father is an amazingly talented artist, and only my older brother and younger sister inherited his talent. Interesting and unusual how you were born in a church

    1. i wish i could tell you all about it on the blog but i can't...I'm just glad my mum is my Mum and she was strong for me.

  24. Red car???? I love red cars. I'd love to have one too.
    Why don't you love petssssss? They are cuteeeee...depends on which though e.g puppies

  25. good personality you have, good to know about you, lovely post. new post on..http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

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  27. *eyes popping* So much to learn. I'm still a learner.

    Well done Ugo.


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