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LEARNING SERIES: I WISH I....................

Well hello ladies and gentlemen....how are you today???
doing well right??
We got our first entry for the " I WISH I......." series.
The essence is to help someone else make the right choice by sharing your regrets or success. At first i said it should be school related but if your experience is not school related you can still share it with us so we can learn from you.....remember the email is ugomma99@gmail.com.

Alright then let's get to our fist entry:

I wish I struck a balance…

 So through University, I was a self imposed geek, who focused only on getting good grades. You know, the guy that did not want to slip on grades, wanted to sit on the front row all of the time, wanted to always be up to par with Academics, in fact lets just say the guy who
wanted to carry first J. But upon finishing University and coming out in 2012, I realized that I kinda wasn’t fulfilled, my social life was
kinda (pardon my Term) FUCKED up, as I did not date, club nor taste Alcohol throughout my 5 years in University. Mehn the night I signed off yeah, I DID THINGS! And people were like What?? Duru? Nahhhh Thismust be a dream, and I was like Lobatan. Lmao. :P

 Now I am out, you need to see me. I am like a dog that just got of a leash. So I wished I balanced it. My advice to those in University, or those about getting in, is to not only go to school to get the grades, but to go to school to get the experiences of life. They should not live an overly Rigid life of BOOKS! BOOKS!! AND MORE BOOKS!!!. I know this sounds like a Cliché, but they need to go through school, and let school go through them. They need to learn about GOD, Books, Doctrine, Love, Pain, Failure, Fun, and maturity, because striving for success 24/7 will make of them Demi-Robots upon graduation. However, they should NEVER forget the WHY for which they went to University, and always strive to make That man or woman starving and going Naked  just
to pay their fees Happy at the end, rather than shed tears. They should make their sponsors proud.
This is my Wish to them… I wish that they don’t make my mistakes.
Thanks Duru for sharing this with us.
You can connect with him on his blog and  twitter


  1. heheheheheheh Aha! for real? Mehn Ugo Thanks. I love what you did with my little scribbles. The second picture so reminds me of me shaaa! i mean there were days i didnt understand JACK of what i read, but still i struggled to cram and read them :(. Grateful I didnt go mad sha oh!!

    hehehe Thank you so much Ugo, this means a lot to my career, and my life. Its actually my first major Feature.. heheheh Cheers :)

    P.S: You just helped achieve one of my 2014 goals Bubba. You are the best.

  2. Lol. Honestly I don't really see this as a regret. Maybe because of my introverted personality but I just don't believe in the hype that is called 'social life'. More often than not people regret how they spent so much time socializing till they slacked off in their academics. So if you finished excellently, kudos to you! Lol.

  3. I love this!! I think that it's rare that people realize that college isn't just about books. The main focus is education but you are there to grow in other areas of your life.

  4. LOL! Duru i really don't think this should be a regret oh. I mean, what if you did the opposite as in, 'having fun', drinking, partying etc. You probably would still be in school till now 'cause you just may neva have graduated. So, although you didn't strike a balance (which is best), you took the second best option in my opinion and if it got you good results and brought you this far, well done!! It wasn't for naught!

  5. You did well for yourself. You might not have turned out well if you did otherwise. Being social doesn't work for everyone some end up ruining the purpose of being in school bcos they couldn't strike a balance.

  6. Truly Duru,this is not bad at all. I had loads of friends that were demi robots in school and they still are. Balance or no balance, you are doing well for yourself and I'm so proud of you *oya come and take hug*


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