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Hi friends it's time for serious talk......
Everyone of us will agree that between this age so many things had happened to us, things we are so proud of and some we don’t wish to ever remember in life….
Puberty happens, hormones rise and fall as they wish, leaving us moody or excited…..in trying to understand why those little breast are growing so big, hairs growing out of your armpit and pubic regions, you either seek knowledge from your parents, teachers or friends.
What ever information given, whether right or wrong builds the foundation of your life.
If your above 29, check your life what information did you receive when you were 16??? Did it affect  your life as an adult now???
YES!!! Right???
You were told it’s okay to have sex, after all your friends are doing it?? Abi??? Or you learnt how to get what you want in life, it does not matter how you get it??? Were you assured of how awesome you are, how talented and gifted you are and how great things are going to come out of your life???
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It’s proven that your childhood will determine your adulthood. The quality of life you had as a child equals the quality of life you will have as adult.
Let me hit you with this; Between the age 16-29 the quality of your life depends on YOU.
By this time you’re in secondary school and what you study in secondary school will determine what you study in the university……and no one else is in the right position to make the right choice for you.
When you get to the university, it’s all on you to get the best grades and leave school with good degree……..
Let me tell you the truth: SHIT WILL HAPPEN  at this stage of your life……lot’s of it.
Suddenly you’ll realize how big you’ve become and your dreams for life will grow bigger and complicated…
Without the right information and mentality your list will be filled with stuffs like :
Get a girl friend/boyfriend
Get money, so you can finance an independent lifestyle
This is the  point you get hooked………..you think life should fast forward to days of plenty and love.
THIS IS THE REALITY: those days of reality may never come when your stuck living your life blaming others, it will never come when all you do is try to be what you see others do.
Dear girl/boy get a life. Listen to your elder ones, add value to your life for very soon you won’t have time to learn, connect and grow.
Get up from that bed and be your own woman/man, understand that your contribution matters more than any other…..
You should be able to save money, manage and understand your emotions, listen to, understand and Love God with all your heart.
Never allow the bad past sink in, but be like a wet dog and shake it off you. Focus your energy on your goals in life. Keep your head up, know that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING, so you have to get what you want.
 The world is so big and it’s waiting for your manifestation.  So what will that be????
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Think on these things.


  1. Hmm, interesting. You've given me something to think about this morning. You're right about a lot of things I suppose..

  2. Nice write up Ugo. It makes for interesting reading. Thought provoking as well. A lot of us youth needs this kind of awakening, otherwise it just might be too late. Thumbs up girl!!


  3. I love this post...very inspiring.

  4. Thanks for the wake up call

  5. Well said Ugo.
    I Like this saying most; Be like a wet dog......and nobody owes you anything!
    And there is a saying; What an elder can see while sitting down, a child would not see even whe he/she climbs the mountain top!

  6. Food for thought. Very inspiring post


  7. yep yep yep, you have spoken the truth

  8. You have really given me food for thought - Thanks so very much, dear

  9. **Hits head on the wall... How come i am just reading this?? Oh Mehnnn... JdB you sef ehn... Ugo this is one of the things I love the most about you baby mi: your versatility. i mean it knows no limits.. Truly Bubba, we are growing day by day, and constantly learning. **Deep sigh.. when i sit down to think now yeah, I fear at the rate at which I am transitioning from being a boy to a man, I fear being called daddy, and being responsible for a family of 6... I see my years fast running from me.

    Like you said, the world owes me nothing, so i gotta go out and get what i seek, i gotta make the best out of now, and appreciate my very Youth, cause soon, my Swag, will turn to sag...

    Truly Bubba, it takes Humility to seek advice from our elder ones, and it takes that same humility to succeed. So seeking help from older ones is sure the best way to succeed.

    A wise Lady once said: ""Never allow the bad past sink in, but be like a wet dog and shake it off you"" -Beautiful Ugo Ukam (2014)... I will never forget this.

  10. Beautiful Ugo! You have Amazing Talents and use them to Help others become Better! That's why this post and Yourself Especially Beautiful! :)

    Superb Job! Keep the Faith! God Bless and Have a Fantabulous Day! =D

  11. Very thought provoking and inspiring piece Ugo.


  12. You go girl this is very accurate and just what I needed. Sometimes our future is going to happen as fast as we want it but God knows best and he has a plan, we just have to be patient.

    Princess Audu

  13. This is beautiful. Two years after, it is still the TRUTH.
    "Get up from the bed,and be ypur oen woman!"

    Thank you for writing.


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