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Ladies, get into the house i have something to tell ya'll.............................................
YOUR PRICELESS, yep you are and believe it..
You know how difficult it is for you to decide on what to wear before you step out of the house every morning......frustrating right???
and for the jewelry lovers, it can be more difficult to make a choice fast before 8 am.

 Well have i ever told you how gorgeous your eyes are????
You think i'm not seeing them, well i work in a computer firm and i can see through computer screens especially now that your reading this post>>>>>>> lol.....okay that's just to make you smile and probably laugh.....hahahahahaha.
Thank you so much for encouraging me on my last post, i appreciate all the comments....Tanchu :)

Before i spill,*and by the way i'm just trying to keep you here for more than 5 minutes, i hope it 

The Sisterhood Award

hello everyone!!!!
We got another award, one i've never heard of before but i'm glad that the blog is appreciated and this is because of you..........yes you reading this right now at this very moment and time. i appreciate you, look forward to reading your comments, adding value to your life and you adding value to mine too.
This award is called SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS AWARD and awarded by Chic Nerline. Thank you :)
"The award is passed from sister blogger to sister blogger and there are just 4 conditions you have to meet when you accept the award".
to the handsome gentlemen in the house please pardon me but enjoy this post.
The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. 

2. Put the award logo on your blog.

 3. Answer their ten questions. 

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees

5. Nominate 10 bloggers

 Nerline's questions:

CHIT-CHAT: What was he thinking or am i the one with a problem???

Hello my fellow country people, today is a good day oh, Nigeria is playing a match in uj esuene stadium right here in calabar and your home girl is in Calabar……Mehn  I can’t wait to hear the scores, if naija scores one I’ll go to the stadium but if not I won’t go……..the last time I watched a match they broke my heart and made me cry so I  don’t want to cry again .lol.
Please Naija win and show us your 10 or 1 pack............hehehe
I pray we win sha…….well unto today’s gist.
Yesterday on my way home i got down from the taxi paid my bill and crossed to other side of the road, heading home to prepare dinner and go see a movie  when this foineeeeeeeee  bobo pulled up and said, hello lady excuse me please.
The first thing my eye caught was he’s fine car (sorry I don’t know the name of his car), clean and handsome face……On a Friday evening he wore a caftan *abi that’s what you guys call it* a ring on his last finger


Hi everyone,
Happy New Month, this is my month of recovery, i can already see everything work out for my good, i pray this month turns out well for you too.
How's everyone?? what's going on with y'all, hope the dreams are fulfilled, the needs are met and the plans actualized? if it looks like it's dragging backward, sing praises for God is cooking something delicious for you and your family.

I did a make-over just for the fun of using my brushes on my friend, i tried the gele skills that Moby and big sis Yemisi  showed us on their blogs...i even tried it on my self too and if your on facebook  you must have seen it on my profile picture.
So i've never been to a make-up classroom before but i just love, love, love using brushes and pencils..........lol
Here are the pictures::
i love myself, regal queen, house of tara foundation, gele tying
 BROW PROCESS: I used sleek eyebrow pencil