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Free from Invisible Chains

Hello everyone, in our last class we talked about.................who can remember???? *sees plenty hands* oh okay it seems everyone attended. if you did not, go to this room and we'll wait for you.......................
Are your shoes shining??? Yupppppppppppppppppppppp. Perfect.
Let the dancing begin.......hahahaha
Forgive me eagle's, i'm trying to lighten your mood and i pray that your smile will never finish in Jesus name. Amen.

The Natural Hair Meet up in Calabar was a success, i was a vendor representing sizzelle.....So i missed out on the lectures, could not take lot's of pictures, infact i'll gist all about it later.

I did a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG HAIRRRRR CHOPPPPPP....after my last post you'll know why i did it.
All i have to do now is spray water on my hair before i comb it....... focus now is to get my scalp healthy, no sores or dandruff.
if you have any tip please share it.


*Walks into the room with a sad face*
Hi, beautiful ones!!!
I've been having scalp issues but ignored it many times, i just felt it was the protective style that gave me the aches and pains.....but now i can't even touch my scalp.
There was a time i used Methylated Spirit to clean my scalp to stop the itching......
My scalp itches badly and it so painful....i did a little research to find a cure for the trouble I've been facing. This is what i found:

Why does the Scalp Hurt?
1. Harsh chemicals 
2. Fungal infection
3. Bacterial infection
4. Viral infection
5. Fungus tinea
6. Psoriasis
7. Chemotherapy
8. Muscle contraction headache
9. Excessive scalp oil
10. Contact dermatitis
11. Stress
12. Other causes
Source: google

Remedies for Scalp Hurt
1. Avoid products that contain sodium laurel sulfate

Happy New Month

You can only feel free if you've been bound,tight and confined to a particular position.
A parrot that has suddenly gone quiet.
A peacock whose beauty cannot be seen anymore.
You can only give thanks if you know what it means to give or be in lack.

Success is not measured by how many labelled dresses you have or the number of zero's in your account.
Being true to your self, doing what your passionate about, appreciating the simple things in life and walking in the ways of your creator is SUCCESS.

Many times i feel like shutting the doors of my life and being alone, or pausing time or life just to have a quiet moment away from the voice of failure ringing in my head, social media, society etc.

i can only be brave and BRAVE I WILL BE because in the end it was never about others but meah.