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Just a little way to appreciate you Mami, your kind words and the last 22 minute call. (yep i checked when we said goodbyes).
i celebrate with you today.

You are special, encouraging and real.
Sharing those experiences that should have been a secret just to reach out to someone is great strength and i celebrate you.
I pray that you will only rejoice and be glad as long as you live.
You will conquer your fears and walk in your purpose and destiny.
Your Husband will call you blessed and so will your children.
You will enjoy peace, abundant provision, and success in everything you set out to do.
I Love you Erniesha Tibs....


  1. Happy Birthday Niesha, you are such a lovely fellow, I wish you the very best in life!!! Hope you will send my own share of the cake down to Sokoto. **winkz**
    May God bless you in all ya endeavors! Amen!!! HBD once more Sweety!

    Ella's Haven

  2. **covers face** Ugo mami...I have read this post bout 5 times..I couldn't find the words to write. I mean...I had to stop crying at all you guys are doing....so now I am back....mami...22 mins is NOTHING when you are talking to a great woman over the phone...I didn't wanna hang up...I mean...I was talking to greatness on the other end of the line...**screaming** who would wanna hang up???...Mami...you said very little and yet so much. I am happy that we had that conversation and **whispering** you are due for another....hehe...mami...you took out time to do this post for me, I think this is the greatest gift one can give me...You time!...and it means the world to me. **shakes head** it's funny how one conversation can change everything. I am grateful for you mami. Without knowing, you touched my life that day and I wanna say Thank you. I am blessed just knowing you. Thanks mami for this post. God bless you.

  3. Happy Birthday Erniesha, God bless you bigly.

  4. Happy Birthday to your friend, she's stunning.

    Princess Audu

  5. Hello Ugo dearest, Thank you so much for the birthday post to my Empress. I wish I was around the day she spoke to you, we tried calling earlier today but the signal is really poor. So I wanted to come here and say Thank you. I really appreciate this and it means so much to me coming from you. God bless you.

  6. Happy birthday Ernie, may God bless your kind heart beyound imagination dear.
    Ugooooo, please forgive me plss. I haven't been here for a while now and that's because I haven't been getting your post email, like before. Dunno if the problem is from my side. I've added you onmyblogger to notify for new post, so I won't miss a thing. This is my sincere apology pls, dunno what else to say.
    Hope you've been good? And you look good in low cut.

  7. Yes ooo Bubba, Ernie is just the bestest, and it inspires me how she has turned her pain into Joy on the faces of soooo many.. She Rocks ooo... and she is truly worthy of our love.. How are you Ugo???


  9. happy cakeday blog visitor.

    i think am liking your blog,i will visit often.

    you can also visit my blog,i just started it after i stopped blogging for like a year.

    visit bolateethole@blogspot.com
    thanks ma"am

  10. Congrats!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out the details here: http://coralbuttons.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/i-won-an-award/


  11. hi everyone forgive me for not posting or replying your comments im in camp now.......yaýyyyyyyy team mofaya is here. Ernie I see you too mami.
    apology accepted dear chioma.
    and thank you Tannaya for the award.
    Duru please call me with your number I need it please.
    I'll drop by again wen I get the chance to.
    be safe everyone.

  12. Happy birthday Ernie..hope you enjoyed yourself.

  13. hehehehe You need to see me smiling like a fish cause Ugo is coming back online.. Oya Bubba, camp e haf close ooo.. Start blogging sharp sharp... Chei! I have missed you ooo. :(

  14. Happy Birthday to you. I could have request for you should be able to FLY for Champaign RDV


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