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Hello everyone merry christmas to y'all................................
i want to share my high and lows of my nysc camp with you.
last month i was in camp getting orientation for a one year compulsory service year........My first time in the north or north central.....*whatever*
You know that feeling you have when you go somewhere you've never been before, fear and excitement all at once.
I got there early enough to meet with the parade test by soldiers, my name was written down sha...*winks* but you don't want this if you can't deal with standing under the sun for long hours, parading.
i was smart enough to pack well, making sure that everything fitted into one big bag........after the parade test, the soldiers asked me to carry my bag on my head..............that was not fun, but since my bag was not so big and heavy i could do that without much trouble.
Note: Pack lightly for NYSC CAMP, the drills at the gate on the first day is not always funny especially under the sun....*straight face*

Registration was kinda smooth for me, few minutes i was done....
NOTE: Do not pay any money for video coverage unless you want one, besides the production is crap i was forced to pay for it by man o war...

Making friends is a smart thing to do in that kind of environment but find your kind............ones you will not regret meeting.
I kinda played solo for a while before i settled with my bunkie*the gurl sleeping beside me*
i was careful to obey all rules but for the adventurous ones you might want to have so much fun serving punishments from soldiers when your late for any gathering.
Go to camp with lots of money but keep it safe ohhhhhhhhh in your waist pouch or in your box locked and secured.
Everything in Mami market will be double the normal price..............i mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!
i made sure i slept every afternoon...........was not ready for stress. lol
Ladies get your Sanitary pad close by you don't want to be caught unawares, remember for all your days in camp you'll be wearing white on white.
I had all my document photocopied in bulk but never used all of them, the most important ones are;

  • your school id card
  • nysc call-up letter 
  • statement of result 
  • passports and to be on a safe side, go with a scissors, staplers and pins..........
If your sent to the north save your skin and go with sunscreen or coconut oil, don't forget a white sweater for the cold. (colored sweaters will be seized).
I dealt with skin irritation too, the water was too hard for my skin but Funbact A came to my rescue.....if you hate sharing bathrooms, get up early and bath outside but don't be CAUGHT...
When you hear of any kind of fire alarm, run out properly dressed, it's a false alarm....(this is was so much fun and laughter in my camp, people came running out almost naked with a bucket to quench the fire).
For the guys drop the ego, we had a corp member that was almost sent out of camp, just obey orders and have fun.
Go with drugs incase the clinic cannot deal with your issue if your have any health issue.
Lecture time is always boring and interesting depending on the person giving the lecture, so you might want to go very early to the hall, get a seat, if the lecture is boring, pull out your ear piece and sleep away or ping, chat, read a book online....lol
Ask questions and be alert......
Make sure your hair is in a protective style, your favorite lipstick in your pouch and lots of confidence...
Make up your mind to enjoy yourself and have fun but don't be deceived.............
Share your experience, how was your camp???


  1. So that's where you've been all this while. Am sure you had lots of fun? Merry xmas in advance.

  2. sounds like fun.
    going for service next year looking forward to it

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and have shared it with reckless abandon. Lol! Good tips!

  4. Sounds interesting. Make it what you want it to be.

  5. My time at camp.. another story altogether...
    I hated the sound of the whistle when I was having my afternoon sleep..kai, I hated that whistle with a passion..person never sleep since,make e sleep now, them dey blow whistle.mtcheww!

    I escaped morning parade drills after the first week cuz I joined mdg, training things.lol.

    I was scared of purging and only ate indomie and cake from mami market.
    Wanted to save cash and ate kitchen food when I could.
    Bananas were really cheap in Ekiti sha so I enjoyed those.bought plenty for small money.

    Some if the lectures were really boring but I met some really smart corpers there.people I could talk some really inspirational and mind buggling stuff with- my youth section on my blog took on a new shape in my mind from those lectures.

    I loved nccf too, I joined drama group and even acted as "mama Patience". Someone saw me at church in Delta and was calling me "mama patience".lol.

    Before I write another post here, my time at camp was great, excluding the early morning alarms.arrrgh.lol.
    Our soldiers weren't too strict too except the ever serious commandant(i hope no one sees this.lol)
    If the commandant punish you eh, no begging or fine girl will save you.lol.

    I left before the end of camp sha for call to bar but it was a great two weeks especially cuz of the peeps I met.

    By the way I wrote an article on Bella Naija on the corper deal and it just might inspire you to do more and be more- see link below
    Frances Okoro-Youths Obey The Clarion Call http://www.bellanaija.com/2014/12/22/frances-okoro-youths-obey-the-clarion-call/

    1. I just read your post on Belle 9ja! Super inspirational!

  6. Thanks for this Ugo...will put these tips into practice next year. Welcome back too! You were missed :)

  7. Lol oh well. Am glad you had fun.
    Am looking forward to camp tho, or am I? The experiences are definitely worth having.

  8. I was wondering where you disappeared to all this while.... Thank God you're back
    My time in camp was funnnnnnn..... It's prolly your camp that was dull
    Things in Rivers state camp were cheaper and I regretted buying things from home sef
    Lectures were always boring, always sat outside to gist
    So where's your ppa? I hope they won't take you to one school that the students can't speak english o
    It's nice to have you back

  9. I'm on the fence bout nysc, always planned a way to escape it but you make it sound fun. When my time comes i'll definitely reach out to you.

  10. I was wondering where you went. Anyways welcome back and thanks for sharing this experience. I will be doing mine next year so this is very helpful.

    Princess Audu

  11. Wow Frances ur post. On bella naija is so inspirational. A wake-up call fσя̲̣̣̥
    those already serving and motivation fσя̲̣̣̥
    those starting.
    I love it.

  12. This made me remember my nysc days. I Served in the north central too. I Enjoyed my orientation camp o. I Didnt want it to end, lol.

  13. Ugo, welcome to the Ajuwaya Nysc bloggers fold *winks*!

  14. Reading this brought back memories of my time in camp.lol.
    Glad you had fun while there ,cos thats the only way to survive the whole camp scenario.
    Happy new year dear.

  15. awww, true.
    Happy new year dearest:)

  16. Good you had fun at camp! Your tips sum it all up, how to survive at camp. I went to camp with like 30kg (lol don't ask!) in two bags, so I nearly died when they said we should carry it on our heads. The soldiers let a kid help me carry my ghana must go, but I had to put my box on my head and it was not funny. A few days before I left camp, a photographer found me and gave me the picture she had taken of me in that moment! LOL

    I hated my two weeks at camp and was happy I had an excuse to miss the 3rd week. I stuck it out with grace, and didn't complain, but I really hated it. Is the stress worth it? I hear camps in the North are nicer. I went to Obubra and it was horrible. Free time/Mammy Market time was also very limited (like one hour 30 minutes a day)- split between lunch and supper, so there was no upside to the wahala. Pointless, in my opinion. It ANNOYED me so much to have to stand through dead lectures and listen to all those companies. In a camp of 2500, I don't think the chairs available were up to 500. Yet we had to be there for hours a day. So all those companies that come to camp to tell stories, have they not seen that people are standing? How about channeling some of that CSR to buying chairs, ehn? It's a shame. The whole thing made me so angry.

    This has been a long rant. My lesson from camp was simple. If you can skip it, skip it. I won't judge you.

    P.S. Are you staying in the North or did you redeploy?

  17. For the life of me, I do not why I have not been receiving notification of your posts. *sobs* I planned to send you an email to ask if all is well.But I guess I have been the one slacking.

    This is a nice post. I am sure someone will be able to get one or two tips from here. I really enjoy reading about NYSC experience, considering I may never have a personal experience.

    It's good to be back. I will make sure to check your blog till the notification set up works.


    1. why won't you have the nysc experience??
      i'll send you a mail

  18. We were not drilled in sokoto camp oh.
    Camp was fun for me, I had a doctor friend so I was always in the clinic instead of the parade ground.
    I ate in mammy through out my stay, the fear of cholera was the beginning of wisdom for me.
    The shenanigans nko?

    1. what year did you serve in sokoto. and what was it like. thank you

  19. Just today I saw a corper on the way home and I thanked God that year of my life passed by quickly :p

    Seems like you had fun in camp. I've said camp is really what you make of it. If you want to be miserable, you'll find enough things to keep you feeling that way. If you look for things to keep you interested, you'll find it. Glad you made it through camp.

  20. Thanks for the love you show us @ www.mavinmis.com


  21. Thanks for sharing. Chai this sounds proper militant! Attention oya salute LOL


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