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A Merry Wedding Dayyyy

I went for a wedding last weekend with my mum...............lovely woman, i look like my dad sha*wink*
she got me this dress, i burnt it with an iron but she fixed it for me.....i really need to learn how to sew fast.
My Mum does a great job with clothes.......but i did a great job with that gele. abi???
tell me the truth>>>lol

 it's so good to be home with family, it's the season of love and happiness.
may you find many reasons to laugh and be happy.
Who does not love weddings in the house???................uhmmmmmmmmm........no one???
Well, for me it just reminds of me that one day i'll take up the responsibility of taking care of another person, till death separates us.
As colorful as a wedding day is the years you spend with your future husband/wife matters most.
That is why i have married friends around me like, Ernie, Thelma, Onose, Berry, inthemidstofher, and naijahusband. From their post i learn so much.....
Well, it's all about Jesus today..............i celebrate you Lord for giving me the gift of love (Jesus).
May Love fill our hearts and our minds even as we share food and drinks in celebration. Amen
MERRY CHRISTMAS Family:)))))))


  1. Your mom is beautiful.... I look like my dad too

  2. Your mum is beautiful, she looks like your "sister" :) Merry Christmas! have a nice one! :)

  3. Your mum is beautiful, you guys look lovely.
    Merry Xmas dear.

  4. Merry Xmas mi darlin' Ugo!!!!! Muah!!!

  5. So Beautifully written! The Birth of Jesus it brings tears to my when I think about it! God Loves so Much that He sent His Only Begotten to this earth to teach us the Loving ways of Our Father and Died on the Cross for us! That's Love! :) I think about it Everyday!

    You and your Mommy are Stunning! Burnt it ... sounds familiar ... well I may have scorched a few things :) tee hee

    Always Enjoy your blog Ugo! I've been busy and haven't commented for a minute but Read Every Post!

    Merry Christmas Sis to you, your Family and readers! Love, Peace & Grace :)

  6. Its amazing how you look more beautiful each time we see you Ugo. I am in lof oooo... **covers face in shyness... Merry Christmas Bubba, i am glad you turned up. Cheers Baby mi. Xx

  7. Happy holidays, dear! Hope you're having a wonderful time out there.

  8. Merry Christmas! You guys look gorgeous.

  9. You and your mom resemble each other....she looks so young, like she could be your sister. Hope you enjoyed the holiday!

  10. Merry Christmas! You both look so beautiful! Mom did a good job!

  11. You both look alike

  12. You both look alike

  13. Your Mum is a Mamoooo. And u a damsel. Keep looking gud till d right man pick u up


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