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Hello everyone, inakwana????? antashi lafiya!!!
Menene sunanki!!!!!!(hausa languague)
okay don't ask me what it means oh cuz i'm still learning......
The weather conditions in my new location are extreme, too hot or too cold, but in all i rejoice..

Christmas is here again, time to worship, adore and give thanks to a loving God.......His love for me and you can never be measured...
I pray everyday that i will fully understand and grasp how high, wide, long and deep God's love is for me......oh and may that day not tarry.....cuz it comes with power and freedom.

I have lot's of reasons to celebrate and in celebrating there has to be giving and receiving..
this is my first public wishlist and it's going to be really simple and affordable...It's coming early so i won't get excuses, santa is just preparing his bag of goodies so pick one item here and drop it with him, so he'll deliver it on time.......*serious face*

1. The Message Bible: This version of the bible makes it easy for anyone to read/study the bible for hours and not get tired....and for God's leading lady i should have this special book for Christmas, right!!!

2. A Phone: right now i don't know which model or brand i want........but anything that will give me good picture quality and i can blog with is fine by me.....*kisses*

3. Skirts:
Pencil skirts, Skater skirts, midi skirts............whatever skirts, ankara skirts are highly appreciated....you can get them here
4. This Shoe>
>>>>> and this One>>>>>>and this one>>>>>>and finally this one>>>>

One more thing before i forget:::: DRESSESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
*click the link*

Well there are just five things i wish for christmas. am i not kind??? but one thing is more important to me..the safety of your life, family and all that relates with YOU......don't forget too that the salvation of your soul is really important, considering how much God loves you..
Merry Christmas friends!!!!
ehem.........start sending them i can't wait to start receiving the packages....

What is on your wishlist???
Share them with me and see what the Lord can do>>>>>>*smiles*


  1. Nnne if they give you that shoe dash me biko lol.. i need a good camera thats my wish

    1. hahahahaha Buiti, why should i be dashing??? lol
      Okay a camera you'll get soon:)

  2. Hmmmm...noted! Well I wish I could get a good job nd dat mai sis delivers safely #Dear Santa pls tk note#

  3. Hmmmm...noted! Well I wish I could get a good job nd dat mai sis delivers safely #Dear Santa pls tk note#

  4. Hahaha...Oh dear Lord...I laughed while reading this....Okay mami, let's see, I got soooooo much on my list tho' and I think I just added that skirt to it...hehe....Uhhhh it's good to have you back mamacita...

    1. *smiling from ear to ear*
      but hope the skirt will get to me...............lol

  5. heheheheheheheheheheh And Ugo is back.. I have missed teh cuteness that comes with you.. i mean you are just awesome like that. heheheheheheheh Okay oo! I hope Santa gets me something too. I cant but ask how you are oh! i should call you this weekend so we can gist the gist of life. Welcome back Bubba. :) You were deeply missed?

    1. aww, Bubba i'm fine oh, trying to rest as much as possible .
      i'll be expecting your call.......*feeling loved*

    2. Wow! so it is official, I am in love with your Blog header.. Mehn, this geh ehn, you can fine for Africa shhhaaaa... :) iTrip

  6. wish lists mine is super long but a Camera tops the list.

  7. Antashi lafiya!
    My own wish is I need a phone!

  8. You wee get ya wish don't worry..somehow, somehow...welcome back :-)

  9. all I want from Santa ??????? I want a lot of stuffs and since I've discovered Santa ain't real, lemme just ask Big G for them.


  10. Lol. You want everything o. I love your "love in words" corner on the right. That pencil skirt is gorgeous!!

    Lots of love,
    Tomilola Escada

  11. Ugo I want a car.... if santa can bring me anything, I want a car. A kia or I dunno jor....any fine car in good condition is fine by me o

    1. a car??? in Lagos???
      okay i'll talk to santa about it :)

  12. Since its a wish list, i shall be very liberal. I want a range rover sports, tons of cards and a huge teddy bear just for the fun of it

  13. hahahaha......may it be unto you according to your words:)


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