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Happy, content, liberated, satisfied and hopeful is how i feel..................thankful for life, amazing freinds and my fabulous blog readers.....
Words cannot express how i feel right now.........that we are alive, healthy and hearty is enough to be grateful for.
As we begin the new year, we are tempted to have resoultions, you know i shared mine for 2014 and i can tick off one or two from the list.

Gratitude will come first on my list for the new year, one of the first step to contentment is gratitude.
i desire a truck of peace and rest and that can only come if i'm content and grateful for the things i have and things i will have soon.

I will blog more, share my faith, life lessons and every little information that will make you a better person.
I have a dream that some day.................scratch that.........it should be from now on............we will have a world filled with ordinary people living life the way God wants us to, happy peaceful, achievers, success stories, great wives and Moms, loving Dads and Husbands.......each person with a good legacy to pass on to the younger generation and the world at large.

It's so good to have you cross over with me to 2015, so lets raise a glass and toast to a year of possibilities, achievements and rest:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EAGLE'S, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET BEAUTY (Buiti), and to Beautiful  Janyl happy birthday too. 


  1. Happy new year dear

  2. Thank you dear, I m so happy and happy new yr

  3. Happy New Year to you, Ugo! :) May this year and every day be filled with Love, Joy, Happiness and Greater Blessings than you could ever imagine as you continue spreading Faith, Love, Inspiration and Wisdom to us! :)

    Sorry I haven't left comments lately, but I do read each post and Thank you for Inspiring me and all of us! :)

  4. Happy New Year mamacita!! Now I have to watch this space cuz it's bout to be super interesting!!!

  5. Prosperous 2015 to you. May you exceed all your goals this year.

  6. Happy New Year, Ugo!! :)

  7. Happy New Year! I also love the dress in your last post - culturedmisprint.blogspot.com

  8. Happy new year Bubba. My blog mother www.janylbenylshares.com taught me that a heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities, and that i so believe.. May 2015 be a ghen ghen year for you and yours, and may you constantly have reasons to always wear that your million dollar smile. Cheers Ugo. xx

  9. Nne I know this is coming very late but I would to wish you a very happy new year. Have an amazing 2015 :)


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