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Chit-Chat: Teaching, Learning and Taking Pictures

Hello beauties, how are is everyone doing?? It’s been very long since I saw you *in my head*….i’m so pleased to be here again.
Thank you so much for the interactions in my last post, I wanted to go back home for the election break but…..………*in all things give thanks to God*…I’m not sure I want to get involved with anything politics atleast for now…..but you will have to vote for me in the future when I go for president (the first lady president)……..*wink*

So for today’s post I just want to share with you the make-up look I did for my friend. It started as a tutorial, had to take pictures for you……………..i hope you like it!!!

She has a beautiful, flawless skin that needs little or no foundation just a touch of powder to reduce shine……but I’m not used to powders, I know it’s a must for a flawless finish, but I’m more concerned about brows…………anyway I’ll invest in some very good powders that I can use without foundations and get a good finish.

For her lips, she loved a nude lip, so I just used a brown pencil to line the lips and added lip gloss to it…………..her pink lips made the look really fabulous.
For ladies that love simple looks for their wedding day, you can re-create this………
Remember it’s minimal all the way.
Kisses and hugs all the way!!!!!!!!!
Ehen….before I forget to my fellow Nigerians  who will you be voting for?????  Me, Buhari or Jonathan????


  1. She is beautiful! I love her eyebrows and the smile.

  2. love love her brows, d gele is on point :D

  3. Love the gele. .
    New post on makeup mistakes Nigerian women make.

  4. Ugo, you & your Friend look Fabulous! I have Complete Confidence that you will Achieve anything you set your mind to ... including President, Pastor, Designer, Model or a Great Professional MUA! ;)

    Love you my Friend! God Bless you! Be Safe & Take Care! May Every Day be like yourself ... Beautiful! :)

  5. The make up ministry is going higher. :-)
    Happy Val day Ugo

  6. I really love subtle make and I must say it suits her - omalicha nwa!

  7. You're good at this. Keep it up.

  8. **In Bruno Mars voice... When i see your faceee... There is not a thing that I would change.. girl you are amazing, just the way you are........ Ooosssshhheeyeyyy kai! Ugo aswear you can know how to fine for Africa shaaaa... i mean adonbeliFit.. how can only 1 child be fining all this kain fine?! **Jaws drop... Its not fair oh! Diarisgodoooooo... You look amazing Bubba, and that your smile can make a statue come alive in an attempt to toast you... And the crowd goes... Yeeeeaaahhh mehn!

  9. I am voting for you na lolo... I like the grow you doing a good one keep it up

  10. you definitely..i love the simple make up.x

  11. Awwww. You did a good job mami...nice one..keep it up

  12. Ugo mami! I've missed you ooo.


  13. Hey Pat, how can one sow into your ministry...

  14. You look lovely and the make up you did for your friend is beautiful! I will def vote for you! ;)


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