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Colors And Quietness

Hello dear, have you thought of what your going to  eat today?
which shirt will be perfect with that trouser for work tomorrow??
How will you get all those things on your to do list done?
Don't forget Papa is sick, he should take his drugs and how will the money for payment come for his treatment?
So much to worry about and no time to fix things..........

Anxiety starts with worry grows into fear and leaves you paralyze or dead to joy.
For me my heart beats so fast, i get moody, ungrateful and depressed.
It feels like a sticky garment that just won't tear off or like heavy rock on the shoulders
Your not allowed to anxious, tell it to God and friends you trust.
Dwell on things are worthy of good praise, things that keep you grateful..........
When your not in the Love of God that's when fear crawls in and tries to dominate you.
Few days ago i was listening to good friend talk, he said he's not concerned about material things.........you know the impression we get when we hear that; meaning that we should look unkempt, not have any kind of savings or properties and stay broke all our lives......i pressed him for more and i got some truths from what he said.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Be still for he Loves You

Hello lovely people, happy new month!!
one great thing i'm grateful for right now is the abundance of vegetables in the local market, my cooking skills has increased and improved though sometimes i end up wasting some food....*let me be my own judge jare*........lol

Has anyone eaten potato porridge with lots of different veggies????
*sees few hands*
hmmmm maybe i should share the recipe soon.

My hair is growing proudly and shrinking seriously...........lol...... braids and twist don't work for me again because after few days it's no longer smooth and neat, so i've gone back to fixing weaves, hopefully there should be no itching.............*fingers crossed*

I'm been reading the book "THE HOLY SPIRIT MY SENIOR PARTNER" for weeks now........any tip on how to keep the mind interested in a book??

i'm sending big love to Emmanuel Chuka a.k.a Mannie, your a darling and i truly appreciate you.......hugs