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Colors And Quietness

Hello dear, have you thought of what your going to  eat today?
which shirt will be perfect with that trouser for work tomorrow??
How will you get all those things on your to do list done?
Don't forget Papa is sick, he should take his drugs and how will the money for payment come for his treatment?
So much to worry about and no time to fix things..........

Anxiety starts with worry grows into fear and leaves you paralyze or dead to joy.
For me my heart beats so fast, i get moody, ungrateful and depressed.
It feels like a sticky garment that just won't tear off or like heavy rock on the shoulders
Your not allowed to anxious, tell it to God and friends you trust.
Dwell on things are worthy of good praise, things that keep you grateful..........
When your not in the Love of God that's when fear crawls in and tries to dominate you.
Few days ago i was listening to good friend talk, he said he's not concerned about material things.........you know the impression we get when we hear that; meaning that we should look unkempt, not have any kind of savings or properties and stay broke all our lives......i pressed him for more and i got some truths from what he said.
1. The things i have was given to me by someone, i'm just the care taker of  it.
2. The owner might decide to take from me what ever it pleases him.
3. if i get too attached to things i get nervous when they leave my care.
4. To avoid being nervous i try to protect the property from leaving my care thereby taking my attention off the giver.
5. I start every day anxious, seeking for every opportunity to preserve and acquire more, whether i need them or not................just to be in possession of everything.

beauty,coke, anxiety, quietness of heart, hearing God,joy
After work on Monday, instead of grumbling i got a bottle of coke........lol
These past few days i've been so reluctant to share anything i own but i've been praying asking God to help me disconnect from anxiety and pleasures...............i desire to always be quiet before God all the time, quiet in my heart so that i will always hear God speak.
Pay your tithe and first fruit in everything, give God first place in your life and watch every thing work out for your good........
For this week and beyond let's have fun in quietness of heart, delight in the Lord and receive help in times of need from him....
Choose colorful clothes for days you don't feel so happy*wink*

Love and Hugs


  1. True story. I also focus on the good since i can't change everything

  2. Beautiful post Ugo! I Pray for you, your safety & your Family! I hope your Papa is Better! :)

    Funny I don't drink soda often, but when I do it's Coke & yes Bright Colors wake up the Soul indeed! :)

    Have you ever read Meshelemiah Writes by Busayo Kehinde? She delivers Inspiring Messages!

    Keep the Faith! May God continue to Bless you! Take Care, Be Safe and Well Have a Peaceful Day my Sister! :)

  3. Today I almost got on the anxiety boat. I had to consciously remind myself that I'm a believer and what I believe. It's not an easy task especially when you try analyzing facts and figures.

    Ugo, you'll be alright :) Infact I'm certain... You'll come out rejoicing sharing more than a bottle of coke *winks*

  4. Dear Ugo all is going to be well, yes life throws so many things at us, but our ability to be strong and hold our heads up is what makes us a better person. Like u said talk to God and let him handle all ur situations, worry less and you ll find yourself in a much better state of mind.


  5. Hiya Ugo mami!!!!!!!!!!! It's been super long!!!!! How are you doing eh? All true! Focus on ONLY the good!

  6. Totally agreeing with you here, girl. Anxiety is like a cancer that's killing our soul slowly. And yeah, on a bleak day wear something colorful. And wear red lipstick! :D

  7. Oseheey Turn up! True that bubba, its strange how we often times hold on to passing things like they are of heavy ghen ghen value, when in all sincerity all they are is but 'PASSING' and like your wise friend says, we are nothing but care takers of all we have, and are liable to drop someday soon (strangely the day comes closer with each passing day :( ).. **Whispers.. Ugo has my heart beating fast fast this morning cause of this post oh! :)

    Bubba, this was such an insightful read, and in all sincerity yeah, we dunno how long we have got left, so i am learning in my 23 years 3 months and 5 days of existence to dance like no one is watching, give what i can, fall in love at random, save what i can, spend what i can, and basically enjoy this life cause our days are like grains of sand passing through an hour glass.. and the crowd goess.... Osssshhhheeey! in the voice of the amazing Lohla Windfall of www.marriedinph.blogspot.com you gotta love Ugo.. You just gotta love her... and the crowd goess Yyyeeaaahhh mehn.. Cheers bubba..

    P.S: this line hit me the most, and to it I went yeah mehn: "Anxiety starts with worry grows into fear and leaves you paralyze or dead to joy" Amma gonna steal it with me. xx

  8. its important to forcus on the giver and on the positives. and paying tithe is everything. learning to be better at it day by day.

  9. blessings.....
    Things, things, things,
    Then you SICK and none of those things can aid in you getting better or healthier
    Then you died and leave all THINGS because truth is we cannot carry anything, we even leave our bodies behind-it becomes a discarded carcass putrefying in the ground.
    Like our lives, things are temporary, they have benefits of course, let’s be realistic, money can't buy you happiness however it can provide the things you need to attain a happy life in the physical world, such as the affordability of healthcare, medicine, housing, these are key elements. It is not a happy feeling to be sick and not be able to afford the medicine for yourself or your loved ones, to have to spread out the dosage so it would last longer and living with pain becoming your closest confidant or you are unable to pay for a doctor’s visit, to have to choose between rent and food, or to be homeless or have little to pay the rent and living constantly under the threat of eviction. That being said we need to keep it all in prospective, see the value in things but not lose ourselves, our minds, our soul to THINGS.


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