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Style Post: Break the norm😊😊

It's an outfit post.......
The normal combo we know is iro and buba, i used the wrapper the first time i wore it but this time i wanted something different.

It's buba and skirt....... see how lovely my gele turned out..... Wink. I did it myself.

Born out of Passion!!

Hellllllllloooooooooooooo eagle's. It was a beautiful morning that day, two ladies woke up gave thanks and I got prepared for the day............. somehow they got inspired and tried recreating a look......... this was the result:
Can't get enough of my fro'.
its wonderful that you meet people in life that you'll never forget.


Hi darlings,  Happy New week.
I claim every good thing of life for you this week and beyond.... in Jesus Name..... amennnnn.
Today's post is streaming live from my kitchen. Lol.
 Dobby's signature and sisi  yemmie blogged about some nice recipes to try for Easter and I got my inspiration...........

We all love pancakes right?  I can see so many hands up.

I love pancakes and I love shawarma too......... and I felt like enjoying a piece of shawarma.
Because of the availability of ingredients I decided to make pancake-warma. *wink*
I'll be unveiling a new recipe called pancake-warma.....
*adjusts my chef cap, wears me Louis vitton apron and washes my hands.*
Oya get ready and join me in the kitchen...... :d

Happy New month

I found some things in the bible that made me so excited..... have you seen 1 Corinthians 11:13-15?
Read it in message bible version.... "don't you agree there is something naturally powerful in the symbolism -a woman, her beal hair reminiscent of angels praying in adoration a man,  his head bared in reverence, praying in submission........ " meaning our hair is likened to the beauty of angels......
Wow this is an encouragement to keep my hair longer.... lol
Be proud of your hair ladies and guys shave it off...... *wink*
Lots of love
Happy New month dearest