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Hi darlings,  Happy New week.
I claim every good thing of life for you this week and beyond.... in Jesus Name..... amennnnn.
Today's post is streaming live from my kitchen. Lol.
 Dobby's signature and sisi  yemmie blogged about some nice recipes to try for Easter and I got my inspiration...........

We all love pancakes right?  I can see so many hands up.

I love pancakes and I love shawarma too......... and I felt like enjoying a piece of shawarma.
Because of the availability of ingredients I decided to make pancake-warma. *wink*
I'll be unveiling a new recipe called pancake-warma.....
*adjusts my chef cap, wears me Louis vitton apron and washes my hands.*
Oya get ready and join me in the kitchen...... :d

1. Pancakes as shawarma bread. 
2.  Carrots (grate using the tiny holed part of the grater)
3. Cabbage  (sliced, i wanted it long in between the pancakes)
4. Tomatoes ( sliced thin and round)
5. Cucumber ( instead of peeling off the back,  I grated it into the salad, then sliced the  rest thin an round. 
6. Apple ( I tried to grate it too but it's was too soft  for that so I diced it). 
7. Fried diced beef. ( The stock was used too. Using a teaspoon spread around the pancake the stock before you add the salad)
I added sliced fresh pepper in the pancake and fried. 

Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl, add your salad cream, meat and stirr well. 

Add the salad in the middle of the pancake,  roll it and enjoy your meal...... 
Serve hot. 

Do you have a different recipe for pancakes.....? how else do you enjoy pancakes? 
Share that recipe! 

"Cooking is an art, only the creative ones survive in that field"- ugo patience ukam

Do things differently this week and you'll get different results. 


  1. Love the idea of pancake instead of shawarma bread! Happy new week :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Of course you made me Hungry ... but I'm always ready to Eat! ;) Look forward to trying! :)

    My recipes consist of pancake mix, adding fruit inside and on top. Cooking for myself is usually kept simple but when others are around it's nice to give them a Special Treat! ;)

    Take Care and Stay Safe Ugo and may Happiness be with you every moment! :)

  3. Wow! Okay, this looks interesting
    I LOVE pancakes and shawarma. My classmate keeps teasing me that the only thing I can make is pancake, smh
    I'm def going to try this


  4. looks yummy.....definitely going to try this.


  5. This looks so good. I love food that doesn't take long to prepare or cook.
    Thanks for sharing. :)


  6. Love pancakes...I make a mean one too!

    1. Lol. Hope you'll share some with me. I'd love to try those mean pancakes­čśâ

  7. I have to tell you that this sounds amazing.
    I love it!


  8. looks real good..sadly i havent had breakfast and now i'm hungry i should have saved this post for later.x

  9. Oshinrin hehhehhehe look yum

  10. The food looks amazing.x


  11. Ooossshhheeey Turn uP!.. hehehehehe I can like this geh baje baje shaaa... Nice.. It actually did turn out looking great oh! Sure it tasted ghen ghen too... Isnt it funny Bubba, how in life we often get the best outta unplanned events.. Osheeey Turn up!! **In www.marriedinph.blogspot.com 's voice.. You just gotta love Ugo. You just gotta... Turn Down for what... Mbok No jo!!! With Ugo in the Kitchen yeah, we only Turn up in style.. **Clears throat.. .. And teh crowd goes.. YYreeaaahh mehn... Turn uP!.. I haf found me 200 yards of wife material... **Wears Mr Nigeria smile.. :)

    1. Lolllllll. You have a cute way of praising people..... your the best bubba

  12. Kai Duru won't stop making people laugh.
    Looks do yummy, now you are making me give pancakes another chance never been a big fan

  13. Hmm, this looks promising! Have you heard of Suyarma? Apparently some guy makes shawarma with suya and it's the most deliciousest thing in the history of food. I haven't tried it though.

    Berry Dakara Blog


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