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Happy New month

I found some things in the bible that made me so excited..... have you seen 1 Corinthians 11:13-15?
Read it in message bible version.... "don't you agree there is something naturally powerful in the symbolism -a woman, her beal hair reminiscent of angels praying in adoration a man,  his head bared in reverence, praying in submission........ " meaning our hair is likened to the beauty of angels......
Wow this is an encouragement to keep my hair longer.... lol
Be proud of your hair ladies and guys shave it off...... *wink*
Lots of love
Happy New month dearest 


  1. happy new month babe!


  2. Lol at the bible passage! Happy new month! :-)

  3. AAwwwggghh in www.sophsinspirations.blogspot.com 's voice.. You are so cute.. You know yeah Ugo, the thing wey dey pain meeeeeee and which i hate the most about keeping this Mumu MoHawk is the pain that comes with combing it! hhehehehe Baby mi, It gives me that purgatory feeling.. But oh well.. Who send me message?! So Dear Hair.. You are going off soon.. Ask the Beautiful fine smart and amazing Eagle why mbok... Ooossshhheeeyy Turn uP!! I dunno if its your personality that makes me smile or your writing yeah, but each time i come on here Bubba, i always smile like a fish.. more like blush like a tomato.. heheheh and the crowd goess.. ooossshhheeey Turn up!

  4. happy new month dear


  5. happy new month dear, May this month bring you to the reality of God's power and expose you to the in depth of His grace.


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