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Books, Food and Celebrations

Lafia town is special and so unique, its raining heavily here meaning i get to curl up and write a blog post today,
Happy New Month Eagles.........wow, the year is almost over and that means i'll soon bow out from my service.
I've been thinking of what to do next, where to go and how to start.............I know God is in control but i have a role to play and i don't want to be careless about my life.
This past few weeks there's been a constant reminder that all i need is a conviction not even money/capital. During the service on Sunday the minster spoke about the slavery mentality.
I spoke to Duru last week and  we talked about dreams and how God is the center of everything. Hi Bubba, Thank you:)
Please pray for me beauties, i'm so sure that i won't go outside God's will but i've got so much to deal with that sometimes i slide into the cold arms of anxiety/worry. I trust God he'll perfect everything for me.