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Books, Food and Celebrations

Lafia town is special and so unique, its raining heavily here meaning i get to curl up and write a blog post today,
Happy New Month Eagles.........wow, the year is almost over and that means i'll soon bow out from my service.
I've been thinking of what to do next, where to go and how to start.............I know God is in control but i have a role to play and i don't want to be careless about my life.
This past few weeks there's been a constant reminder that all i need is a conviction not even money/capital. During the service on Sunday the minster spoke about the slavery mentality.
I spoke to Duru last week and  we talked about dreams and how God is the center of everything. Hi Bubba, Thank you:)
Please pray for me beauties, i'm so sure that i won't go outside God's will but i've got so much to deal with that sometimes i slide into the cold arms of anxiety/worry. I trust God he'll perfect everything for me.

On a lighter mood my dearest Frances wrote a book on "Chastity for Men" and this book is rich, i
realized that there are guys out there that are trying to preserve their virginity.....*wow*.
I think this book gives hope to those of us that lost it a long time ago, or for those struggling with keeping it and an encouragement to those that are still on the right track.
With God there is not late timing, he careful to give us what we need per time, so please download a free copy here.
Don't be careless about your sex life, don't abuse it, this book is free and rich.....time, prayers and money has been invested into this book just for us, this is a reflection of God Love for us......Free but Expensive.

           I had to deal with constipation few weeks ago, i don't drink water after eating so i paid the
food, recipes, nigerian dish, constipation
price for it...lol
To solve the problem i drank lots of water, changed my diet, less of carbohydrates (especially eba) and more veggies.

I have lots of recipes to share with you guys, i love cooking and eating........lol
Twisting recipes and tasting the results is so much fun for me. *kneels down in prayer*My darling husband i know you will be a food lover too, you'd sit with me in kitchen while i try out different recipes and above all, you will love to eat...*Amen*.......i can't wait to see you, hurry up!......lol

celebrate my dear friend Adeboye Junaid, today marks another addition to his age, more wisdom and grace dear.

Keep shining with your Sax and Smiles:)

So how is everyone doing??
Stay strong and follow your convictions.
Have a great day and week.
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  1. Please don't get anxious about anything. God always leads us even when we go astray. Always trust God.

    I'll download the book. I miss you on here.
    Hang on the husband is close.LOL


    1. My trust will remain in him by his grace....Thank you so much dear, i'm so excited and i know he's really close..*wink*

  2. I was listening to Dr. Paul Eneche today and he said 'you are not the one that created yourself, God did so he won't and can't leave us sine he brought us here in the first place. It's easier said than done but stop worrying and look to him because in our weakest moments that's when he shows himself strong. Just said a quick prayer for you, God's in control and congrats on almost finishing your service.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks girl, trusting God is more than words.........but i'm getting better at it.
      I should get some of Dr Paul's messages.

  3. Great article just found your blog will definitely visit again..


    1. your welcome Gloria, i hope you find it warm in here and share your thoughts:)

  4. hbd to ur friend... great article... i nominated u for the versatile blogger award do check it up on the blog

    if we used to divorce because we were unhappy, today we divorce because we could be happier. And if divorce carried all the shame, today, choosing to stay when you can leave is the new shame. CLICK

  5. I dont like to drink water also, talking about things that make one worrier, as the queen of worrying lool i have realised that holding on to a scripture always works. whenever you feel down, confused or worried just repeatedly say it to yourself.


    1. i'll surely hold onto these words.......thanks hun!

  6. I pray God sees you through. Read Matthew 6:25-34 and Isaiah 41:8-16 when you're overcome with worry and anxiety. It is well in Jesus name


    1. I've been on Matthew 6:25 since you dropped this comment, gurl your source will never run dry.
      Reading it in message version helped me develop another inch of strong faith.
      I even had the opportunity of sharing with a friend.
      Thanks dear:)

  7. My Oh My Ugo.. There is something.. No! Scratch that! There are MANYYYYY things so endearing about you.. I mean there is one of you in 1 million ladies Baby mi.. kai! Omo see prayer oh! If not that i have not made enough money ehhhnnn and finished building houses.. SheyBe I would have capitalised on this prayer nah.. and submitted my Bid offer for your heart sharpaLLy...

    You know yeah Fine geh Ugo... of recent.. I have learnt to Trust GOD in a whole new way.. You of all people know that I am not Born again nah.. Soooo i will not even come and goan start pretending to be.. But I am learning to hear GOD speak.. but more importantly Bubba... AyAm learning to act more accordingly.. mehn Ugo.. But more important of all baby mi... Since my disappointment of July the 30th yeah.. I have learnt to say this prayer with my whole heart.. "let your will be done"

    heheheh Omo see washing oh! Ugo you ehnnn.. Kai! ya just a washing machine someboRRy.. See as you haf hype me up Dia.. hian! Diarisgoddoooo... www.janylbenylshares.com is to blame biko.. **winks

    Ehen! Trust Woman Wrapper me nah.. I cannot but mention this:

    **Clears throat: "I think this book gives hope to those of us that "LOST IT A LONG TIME AGO" and to it teh crowd goes.. Ghen ghen! **Wears mischievous smile..

    1. Ya af start again oh! :(

    2. i'm here Bubba......lol
      you need to see me rushing fro my laptop to reply this comment.
      First of i'll say let God in Duru, He loves you and i know you love him too but your just afraid to completely give him your ALL...*wink* oya try it and see what God can do.
      Hope you've read the book oh???

    3. Awgh! Your reply made me smile.. :) Thank you Nne.. Ya a FeRRy cute someborry shaaa...

  8. I am loving the blogging community, I am loving the faith in God, And I promise I am learning from y'all. Thank you. I pray God see you through. Thanks Tomi for the bible verse.

  9. great blog :)


  10. Lovely Post and it is amazing that that book is free.
    Have a blessed week.

  11. God's got you dear, always!
    Congrats on soon P.O.P!

    And thanks for sharing the book..wow! Thank you!


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