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Chit-Chat: Lessons and Gist

natural hair, threaded hair, 1980's, short 4c hair
Lessons are taught and Lessons are learnt, but practice makes one a better person. We get so much information in a day, but what do we do with it. How well do you meditate on every piece that gets to you.
I have gist for you guys:

#BLUEAfrica presents "Love and Social Media"

Hello everyone,
 Today's post is an awareness post *permit me to call it that*.
When young people create ideas that will change or make other peoples lives better, we must celebrate and help in the little way we can. My young and confused friend has found purpose and this is really interesting.........i'll let you read all about it. Tell me what you think in the comment section:)
(I'm glad to see Duru do something grand like this, kudos bro!!!!!!) 


Hi everyone!  I trust your doing well?

I had to sweep and dust this room for this conversation to be much more interesting and comfortable for us.
I went  to Abuja for the Abuja Makeup Fair  in August but I’ve been sick and could not gist you all about it since then.
It was fun! The rain could not hold it’s peace and mehn the air conditioning was so intense…..so most times I’d just walk outside the hall and stand or answer a call.
My highlight of the day was meeting  the CEO of Beauty Nsure…….mehn this lady is as sweet as she seems online…Really!