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Chit-Chat: Lessons and Gist

natural hair, threaded hair, 1980's, short 4c hair
Lessons are taught and Lessons are learnt, but practice makes one a better person. We get so much information in a day, but what do we do with it. How well do you meditate on every piece that gets to you.
I have gist for you guys:

   I think I made a home for myself on youtube *lol*. It’s quite educational I can say youtube is Google  in motion images. I’ve been taking in recipesmakeup tutorialssimple life hacksself development and spirit-mandevelopment.

  I prepared banga soup with scent leaves and uwgu. It tasted so much better, follow dobby's recipe but use scent/mint leaves instead.

       I threaded my hair for almost a week, had to take it down because I had a photoshoot session to go for.
 I’m on a lowwwwwwwwww budget but my brain is running wild thinking of the many things I NEED to buy… am I the only one that this happens to??

    Kunu has become a favourite drink lately.

 Because I lost some pounds I’ve changed my diet to Tea or Golden Morn for breakfast..* please share some tips with me for body mass gain….lol*

       I asked God to teach me how to love him more and he’s helping me.

On my reading desk is the book “Waiting and Dating by  Myles Munroe” *Thank God he left some wisdom for me and my generation before leaving earth* Don’t hide your talent, bless someone’s life before it’s too late. 

  I’ve learnt to switch off my phone by 8pm and switch it on by 8am………….No more screens and chatting at night…my brain must be used to the maximum and I must wake up to natural light in the morning. i learnt this from the book "the unused pearl" written by a friend Oniosun Philips.

   It’s your turn to give me gist too……..PS: I love Sisi Yemmie’s weekly videos so real and inspiring.

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty – Proverbs 14: 23

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  1. I love both youtube and google. No wonder they have the same father. You look stunning love.

  2. "Don’t hide your talent, bless someone’s life before it’s too late" --this really speaks to me. I sit and wait for the 'right moment' to share my gifts. No more holding back.

  3. @ #9 Tears Shirt.. Nnnnoooooooooooooooooo.. Aha! So people like us cannot come and goan be disturbing you in the night Lori WhatsApp again! Aha nah Ugo toh sure.. Thats not fair nah! Ya supposed to give us your Toasters at least 3 weeks notice before taking such a heart breaking decision nah.. **crying in Spanish.. hehehe nice one eh! And my am i glad that ya taking out time to groom yaself into a beRRa WoMan.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone.. Dont worry eh! When we make money.. We shall come to Look for the flower in the family's garden.. **Winks (Igbo Proverb)

    ah! You do YouTube nah! Oshey big geh!! You haf plenRRy money for data eh.. I could teach you how to Download the videos off YouTube if you want though.. Cheers Nne,.. and stay beauRRiful.. Thanks for the love and support with #BlueAfrica.. We Appreciate... GOD bless you loads Nne... and thecrowd goes.. Mmmmmwwwaaaah!

    1. Where are you nah! ya af start oh! :(

  4. The switch off phones discipline should be sooo inculcated..thank you!

    And lessons from Dr Myles..dont hide the talent..God help us all.

  5. I need to learn from you and learn to switch off my phone at night.
    This is such a great idea. I love your blog.



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