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Hi everyone!  I trust your doing well?

I had to sweep and dust this room for this conversation to be much more interesting and comfortable for us.
I went  to Abuja for the Abuja Makeup Fair  in August but I’ve been sick and could not gist you all about it since then.
It was fun! The rain could not hold it’s peace and mehn the air conditioning was so intense…..so most times I’d just walk outside the hall and stand or answer a call.
My highlight of the day was meeting  the CEO of Beauty Nsure…….mehn this lady is as sweet as she seems online…Really!
She has a branch in Abuja. She sells makeup bags for both  your personal makeup kits or business makeup kits. A  plastic cover for placing your makeup on instead of  scattering them on your bed or table and getting things messed up, every beauty essential you need, she is your go to girl….the name of her brand is BEAUTY ESSENTIALS by N’sure.

She’s also a fabulous make up artiste. 
Another highlight was meeting Bella of Brownie and The Blog (a youtube channel where she shares  tutorials etc) /Brownie Diaries….. Your doing a great job girl.
The Runway show started but I couldn’t stay till the end cuz Mr fever had a strong grip on me……*sad face*
I gathered a little haul……..Revlon foundation, Maybelline kajal, elf primer, beauty blender, jumbo pencil, la pro concealers,  eyebrow shaving razor, sleek lipstick (Orange color) and an eyeliner brush.
I was kinda disappointed that no one sold facial cleansers or face wash *Neutrogena brand*…..The only option I had was sleek face wash, and it was way ahead of my budget.
In all I had great time, friends I had in Abuja came around to see me. Thank you so much guys*I really appreciate you, hugs*
Obed, Doreen and Meah- we went together:)
*Pictures were taken from N'sure website.
So I just wanted to give you the gist as it happened…………..maybe as I recalled…..lol
So what’s been happening to you??
Has anyone seen “If loving you is wrong by Tyler Perry” ? Another great movie I’ve been stuck with lately is “Brooklyn Nine Nine”…….so hilarious.
Have you read the book “Chastity for Men by Frances Okoro” ? it’s free and it’s in pdf format..
Love God, Love your neighbors’ and Love yourself.


  1. Yyyyyaaaaayyy first to comment.. **Dancing.. :)

    1. Hian! Eye brow shaving Razor ke! fadalawwwwwd.. Why do ladies need so much make up?! Why cant it be as easy as washing your face with sponge and GIV soap and rubbing Tony Montana powder.. and dasalll... **Deep sigh... Oh Well! i guess it is this and more that make you ladies amazing creatures.. and also why lots like me drool around you.. Welodne nne.. aYa m glad you had fun eh! and thank GOD for journey mercies.. :) #PastorJdBmode

      I am sorry you were ill.. Wait Holl uP! Holl uP! Holl uP! How come i didnt know all this while sev?! That you were ill?! Inshort eezz oFer between me and you.. We are breaking up effective immediate..... **Wears Straight face.. :)

    2. lol, thank God you've seen why it's necessary to have all the makeup you can get:)
      Keep drooling Bubba *tongue out*
      Break ups are not allowed.......i'm fine now dear:)

  2. I definitely need me one of those make up bags, i am always spilling my stuff everywhere, nice blog...xxx


  3. Replies
    1. Hi Favour, just go to this link to download.


  4. Hey Ugo...seems like you had a niiiice time :-)

    Glad you've found your passion! Maybe I will get a make up session soon from you :-)


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