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I'm really excited to share this goodies with you today..........words are priceless and i thank God for them. When spoken, words might seem faint and vague to some people while some people will grasp every letter in every word spoken but written words are valued because of reference, you can always go back to it.
 I've read this book and it's really revealing and interesting. I have the PDF copy but you get to own the hard copy sent to you wherever you are.I hope your as excited as i am.Now this book is called "10 STEPS TO WALKING IN PURPOSE" written by our very own Frances Okoro (an inspiring beauty) of www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com .Few days ago i was chatting with my friend on bbm and i told him that i wished i had so much to talk about at the end of the day like he does........and his response was; "You can make your day interesting and full of things you can't wait to talk about at the end of the day". Then he asked if i was reading any book........i told him and he said; Start Walking and Living.Well guys you must decide to walk and live in purpose.....don't just get this book....study it. The words in this book is born out of inspiration from God and experience of a young lady whose determination to follow purpose is felt on every page.There will be only one WINNER.Now to the RULES:1. Share the book cover on Instagram or Twitter with the words: "Get a free copy of this book from www.beautiful-eagle.blogspot.com and hashtag #10stepstowalkinginpurpose. You can tag me also on Instgram the.beautiful.eagle and Twitter @Ugo_Ukam2. Drop your emails and account names on Twitter or Instagram(the one you used to enter for the giveaway) in the comment section of this post.The winner will be selected and the book will be mailed out to the winner on November 30th so this giveaway runs for 2 weeks.Tell your friend to tell a friend.On Awards, we bagged another award from Moby (Thanks girl).I'll get to is as soon as possible.I had a good laugh reading this post on her blog...lollllllHave a great week guys and Goodluck.


  1. Yyyyyyyyaaaayyy! First to comment! Oshey! baddesT! a neFer hexspeRRed it oh! Nice one Frances.. May GOD make you Bigger.. and may he keep the inspiration to inspire burning in you daily.. I think it would be nice to get a signed copy by the Author oh! That would be totally Bad Ass. Pretty please?! **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile.

    So Ugo toh sure.. My Blogger toh Fine. My pastor toh Sure. The truth is.. aYam learning that it is only Readers that are Leaders.. But sadly yeah.. aYam too lazy a 24 years 5 days old to read :(.. **Drops on knees.. Oya Pray for me Ugo toh Fine... Cheers Bubba.

  2. Great. Frances is a gift to us. Thanks for spreading the word, Ugo. :)

    Heart Rays

  3. Loool Duru...thank you!
    If you are in Lagos, you can come get a signed copy this saturday oh.
    I'm planning an author interview with the amazing Amaka of Amakamedia blog and we'd surely need hands with camera and all and then of course, you can come get your very own hard copy and signed... deal?

    And thank you so much Ugo! Thank you!

    1. Whooppp! Whhoop!! Oshey! Frosh! Oh Frances toh Sure.. Thank you so very much Bubba... that would be so ghen ghen of you.. Please lemme know the time and venue so i wihh know how to arrange my life... :) My best friend is geRRing married on Saturday though, but it is always a thing of thrill to get signed copies.. so amma try walk my way around it.. Please advice Bubba :) Oshey! aYam about to take a Selfie with Frances Okoro.. **Fans Self.. iBlush cause iShy.. :)

  4. I want Ugo... So that is how duru won the book...Duru sha can like to sly somebody...Im sure he doesnt know he won..lemme call him sharp sharp


    1. The giveaway runs for 2 weeks, you can join the giveaway and you might win....
      Duru has not followed the rules yet...:)
      Goodluck dear

    2. heheheheheheh Aha nah Ugo toh Sure.. Which 1 you dey?! Are you for me or against me ni?! **Wears Cheeky smile..

    3. Ah, Duru hasn't won na, before I confuse people here, the signed copy discussion is a different one on its own..
      The giveaway is still on for those who comply with the rules.
      Thank you

    4. **Clears Throat.. and Adjusts Left Sleeve of invisible Agbada.. My People.. Considering that my longer throat wihh not lemme rest.. and that I so cannot wait to get a signed copy of this ghen ghen book (by the Author).. aYaf entered in for the challenge on twitter (Who no like beRRa thing.. **Wears mr. Nigeria Smile). My email Address is adolph4all@gmail.com and username is DAdolphusJ.. **Drops on Knees and starts Scabashing.. I pray iWin oh! If not ehhnnn.. World war 6 go dey.. :) Cheers.

  5. Congrats on your award Ugo..will check out your instsgram


  6. Hey Sis :) It's always Great to see and hear from you! You had me so interested had to order it myself ... shared but not entering b/c you already sold me on it and subbed to her blog! Checked out Moby's post still lmbo :)

    Thanks for keeping us Whole and the Inspiration ... Ugo, you are a Blessing! Love ya so much! :)

    Be Well and Safe!

    Wishing you a Blessed and Fantastic Week my Beautiful Sister! =D

  7. You'd find that book interesting and helpful.
    Thanks Sis


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