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Hi Eagle's!
A big shout out to all the fashion bloggers in the world. Yáll are hardworking people.
Do you know how much work these people give to getting the perfect blog worthy pictures???
Well, a whole lottta' work and energy goes into this thing. i think what keeps them going is just Passion........but for some it could be money.....but passion is mixed in it too. lol
Few pictures and i'm out..*wink*

INSPIRATIONAL: Living a Productive Life

Hello Super heroes,
Who's with me on being super-naturally endowed. Oh! I see lots of hands.
I won't ask you why you need those powers but I tell you what, if only you can just;

1. Be yourself: your real self like to talk??  Chat away.
Talk a walk in the park and just talk.... say all you want to say.... Take lessons on communication and learn the art of effective communication. Confess only the positive things, say the things you'd love to see happen in your life.


Hi Ladies,
For the love of makeup, let me share with you a look I created. Look of the Day!!!!!!!
You must totally ignore the popping pimple and acne in the pictures, I like to be real as much as possible and i still don't understand photo-shop , plus my phone camera did me so much good sha…lol
Besides I can blame so much on the acne….Read this post by Mira la belle ! so hilarious.

BEAUTY: Recent Buys/ Reviews.

Avon Products, Inc, known as Avon, is an American international manufacturer and direct selling company in beauty,household, and personal care categories. Avon had annual sales of $10.0 billion worldwide in 2013.
It is the fifth-largest beauty company and second largest direct selling enterprise in the world, with 6.4 million representatives.-[Source-Wikipedia]


mountains, cold, fog, peaceful ambience

The Obudu Cattle Ranch located in Obudu local government area, Cross River State, Nigeria is a must-stop for  those who want to get more work done after few days of rest... Climbing up the mountain is really scary, like a snake the path is twisted....you can use the cable car if your so scared.

Few things i love about the Ranch

1. The temperature: The weather condition here can be compared to that in the states. it's foggy in the morning and the sun gives just the right amount of light.So your skin stays  moisturized, the body hydrated and the mind at peace. Because of this weather, this is one place where apple can be grown in Nigeria.

Let's make freedom Statements!

 Freedom! freedom! I can't move
Freedom cut me loose!
Freedom! Freedom! where are you?
Cause i need freedom too!
I break chains all by myself
won't let my freedom rot in hell
Hey! I'ma keep running
Cause a winner don't quit on themselves 

Hey Eagles, can you remember this song? It's the chorus from Beyonce's Freedom song.
(Let me say Happy 4th July to my U.S followers/readers. Independence will bring you joy always!)
I remembered the tune this morning, goggled the lyrics and realized it carried the message i wanted to share today on the blog.
As i was sorting out my mail yesterday, i got a mail from Christine Arylo and the subject was "may you be free......a love boost for you".
 She wrote a freedom ode and asked that i do the same. I found that interesting and  tried it . I'm sharing mine here but with a request that you write yours. It could be few lines or an epistle. Use the comment box freely and let freedom cut you loose.

I left but he didn't!!!!!!!

I swear i didn't leave.
He left!
It left!
Everything just took a walk, a break, packed up and left.
How's everyone doing?? Working hard i guess!
 Hey, don't be too hard on yourself sooner or later you'd get a big break and i mean a good one, one that'll leave you smiling to yourself.
Don't forget to take a selfie and let instagram do the rest .:)
 By the way it's @dbeautifuleagle .....i'm right beside you, just follow and tag me in the pictures.


Hello sweeties,  how's everyone doing?? 

Creativity is a part of everyone's makeup.... that's just how we were made... to create or invent things.
Our imaginations is a gift.... building a castle with sand because we can see it in our heads..
Making a fortune out of selling bread because we saw it happen even before we started out.

Now what we don't know is that our imaginations can work negatively or positively depending on how we want it to work.....

So it means we have the controlling vote,  I can totally decide which one prevails.... but most times we are reminded by Mr fear and his buddies that we can't really do it,  it's too hard.... or its impossible to break out.... we don't have the strength to just walk away.
There is hope....
Start imagining the business,  freedom,  life, marriage, whatever it is.... focus on it and challenge yourself to start taking actions.

I love you guys so much:)

I'm working hard on developing my designing skills.... 
Email me if you want yours:)


Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the best wishes on my last post, don't worry i'll share when it starts rolling in...*winks*.If you missed out on our last conversations, read it here and we'll wait for you. :p
 Okay today i want to share my style with you.
I should take classes on how to poise for pictures soon..*just saying*I love to dress up so once in a while i'll show you how i style the few pieces in my closet.....
Enjoy !!


Happy New Year buddies.......
I promised myself i won't make resolutions this year. but one thing has been on my mind...................... MONEY!!!MONEY!!! MONEY!!!!
*singing to myself* I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad........
Source: shutterstock.com
I need all i can lay my hands on....
But why? you may ask....a million reasons. i need so many things and there's so much to do these days.


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Written down your expectations and plans for the year??
Oya break it down to months........then into action plans for each week and even days...
Yes..Your welcome :D
acne medication, humor, diy, happy new year
It's meeeee