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Money Or Experience??

Hello everyone, it’s a new month so Happy New Month to you.

 May the next 21 days be fruitful for you and me, may your heart be in tune with God’s leading and plan for your life and may  we be filled with all spiritual understanding and knowledge of his will for every area of our lives.
                You can guess with the title of this post what we'll be discussing about so let’s talk:
As a fresh graduate, getting a job is the first thing on our minds. Not because we really give thought to what we have already wanted to do from the beginning  but because it’s an expectation and the way to meet our  immediate needs.
Very few young graduates start doing what they really love to do, create jobs and pursue their life long dreams.  Reason could be because:
1.       We have interest in so many things and have not taken time to decide on what we really love to do.
2.        Start-up Capital
3.       We’ve not been given a great Job offer immediately after school. I have friends that are working here so please share your thoughts and advice

So, Let’s talk would you take a job for experience or for the salary OR would you go after a big pay with little or no experience???
In other news i'm getting a hand in the sewing skill and i made this dress i'm wearing below;

Share your thoughts in the comment section below .


  1. As a former HR recruiter I'll share some thoughts with you from personal and professional experiences.

    Personal: While doing my Undergrad in HR, I thought I would be able to walk right into a HR Manager or Generalist type position. I honestly thought my studies were preparing me for that. I had a mentor during that time that told me that experience counts a lot and most individuals move up from an HR Assistant, HR Coordinator, HR Generalist to HR Manager as they gain experience. I was told that while studying, get internships in order to gain experience in the field and that is exactly what I did. Some Internships were paid and others were not but at the end of the day I gained valuable working experience that was a stepping stone for where I am today.

    Professional: While I worked as a recruiter, I met quite a few young students graduating that had no idea what to expect. Many had the same premise as I once had and overlook the entry level (low paying) positions and often find themselves frustrated. In the society that I live in EXPERIENCE sells and wins most often than not. So my advice is to find a path that leads you to the next step and work your way forward and up.

  2. I interned but it really depends on each individuals situation and the opportunities available ... Recommend people seek advice from those who have already established themselves in your chosen career ... or what Highly Favored said :) Always read Ugo, sorry I haven't commented lately ... See ya, Sis :)

  3. I will work for experience it helps in the long run. When will u sew for me oo

  4. At this stage of my career, I'll go for the money. I'll acquire the remaining experience on the job cos I kinda learn everyday.


  5. I used to say money over experience but after my first job I have reconsidered. As Buiti said in the long run, experience will be worth it. Especially since, most of us young people are clueless when it comes to which career path to follow. Hence getting experience in various fields will help you decide what you want to do. Great job on the dress girl, I'll be learning very soon.

    Princess Audu

  6. Cute outfit! I would say experience at first and then after some hard work definitely salary!

  7. My Darling.. I will not come and goan lie to you on Here Ugo!!! I dont work for experience but for money! I maybe just but 24! But that regardless.. I understand where i am from.. and what is expected of me and by me. Experience dont pay bills Nne... money does.. and trust me my happiness.. any Job that can pay you well enough will teach Much enough...

    Blessings Nne... Hello from the Colder side. xx

  8. blessings....
    It depends on where you are in your career.
    How you view "payment"
    At times both may be required.
    Salary to survive
    Experience to create better opportunity utilizing sweat equity (SE)
    it is wise to have a plan and a fixed time when employing SE for experience so that you are not used, misused and abused.

  9. Money!!! Salary!!! But experience is good also...

  10. Salary, no money. Money? No salary.

    I like money but experience makes more sense.

  11. Salary, no money. Money? No salary.

    I like money but experience makes more sense.

  12. Experience o. Where I work presently, I am paid peanut but I knw that the experience goes a long way. No one can take your experience away from you...it would even open doors for you.


  13. Experience...
    At a stage where I have to decide on this too...while interning/getting experience, doors may even be opened to us more and better chance at getting a job with the money cuz we are better equipped.

    loove your dress! I want one ohh

  14. Definitely experience over money, you gain experience over time and then use that experience to make money!

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