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I left but he didn't!!!!!!!

I swear i didn't leave.
He left!
It left!
Everything just took a walk, a break, packed up and left.
How's everyone doing?? Working hard i guess!
 Hey, don't be too hard on yourself sooner or later you'd get a big break and i mean a good one, one that'll leave you smiling to yourself.
Don't forget to take a selfie and let instagram do the rest .:)
 By the way it's @dbeautifuleagle .....i'm right beside you, just follow and tag me in the pictures.

A friend asked me yesterday; so, are you planning your life?
You know my answer???....... YES ofcourse!
you know the truth is, there's no plan anymore. I made one once and it was the perfect plan, i knew what to do and where i'll be when i do those things.
I had my life right where it should be and didn't need any fan fare wishing me well.

So i started on, like no man's business but every result i expected to be good turned bad......Nothing worked.
It grew worse and eventually it crumbled.
My love just sat up there looking down at me and shaking his head.
He must have been saying "i wish my beloved will know that without me she can do nothing".

I had to give up, stopped trying to make it happen and let him make it happen.

Trust me i can say he has good plans, plans i could not even think of for myself.

Friends, i beg you today let him do his job.
Your job is to trust him, believe that he has good tricks up his sleeves.Your face/name is engraved in his palm, he can never forget you.

Your hair is numbered!!!!!!!!! Like every strand has a number ........
Lift your eyes to him and give him thanks for the plans you know nothing about but he does.
Now this is not a call to be lazy but a call to do your best with what you have going for you right now and trust him for the next step.
 Can you do that??

Dear Father, we confess that we made you too small in our eyes, neglected you in the tiny details of our lives and gone busy with making it work for ourselves. Here and now we are asking you to help us, as little children we can't reach that height you want for us so please carry us on your shoulders and help us get there. Thank you for filling us up with your love and spirit to walk daily with the consciousness that your interested in us and all we do.
We love you and thank you for hearing us. AMEN!
Romans 5:18-28

I love you so much eagles!!!


  1. Beautiful just as you! Love you!
    Be Safe, Well, *Keep The Faith* and Have a Fantastic Day Sis 😊 peace

  2. This is beautiful, very well written. Amen

    Princess Audu

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    proudly Nigerian

  4. I'm learning this - to trust in His plans. Thanks alot for sharing this reminder.

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    How to figure out and define your personal style


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