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mountains, cold, fog, peaceful ambience

The Obudu Cattle Ranch located in Obudu local government area, Cross River State, Nigeria is a must-stop for  those who want to get more work done after few days of rest... Climbing up the mountain is really scary, like a snake the path is twisted....you can use the cable car if your so scared.

Few things i love about the Ranch

1. The temperature: The weather condition here can be compared to that in the states. it's foggy in the morning and the sun gives just the right amount of light.So your skin stays  moisturized, the body hydrated and the mind at peace. Because of this weather, this is one place where apple can be grown in Nigeria.

On the Holy Mountian
2. The Ambiance: Far away from the noise pollution in the city, one gets to enjoy serenity and tranquility. No wonder newly-weds scramble for a room on the mountain for a week of sweet romance and intimacy.
 You'd also find the CEO's, MD's and Manager's up the ranch in a bid to clear their head, look carefully at the business plan and make the right decisions before facing the board members, investors or employees.

3. The Terrain: For religious purposes, there are lot's of quiet spots to meditate and connect with your creator. One of the mountains is called "THE HOLY MOUNTAIN" and it's said that ;every prayer said on it, gets answers! Get up there and set the ball rolling.

obudu montain resort, cross river state
4. There's a golf field for sport lovers,Coffee shop, A gift Shop, A honey factory, Nature Reserve park and Water fall.
water fall, water park, nature's reserve

My suggestions:

  •  Travel light, less luggage and more money. Things are more expensive on the ranch and unless your going with your kitchen, you'd eat from the canteen!
accomodation, warm and cozy.
African Hut

  • Pack Winter-friendly clothes. it's really cold up here so you'll need hand gloves, socks, good shoes or boots, head warmers, thick pants/jeans, sweaters and jackets.
friendship, smiles, happiness, networking, women
Go with a pack of fun-loving friends
  • Take your power bank with you... Your phone battery will always run down, that's because of the temperature.
Mountains, nature, everest
  •  Get a tour guide/Camera to keep you safe and capture moments too.

  • Unwind and Have fun.
calmness, breath of fresh air, peaceful
Unwind and Have Fun!
 The people of Obanliku local government area get to enjoy all of this because the reside on the mountains too.. You'll find children running down  and up mountains with huge smiles and laughter. They old grow sick, complaining about body pains, eye problems, chest &joint pain, headache,fever etc.
We were told mosquitoes can't survive in that environment. My goes out to the elderly ones, with so much diseases and no help for them. Thank God for bodies like "THE G-FACTOR"!

If you ever get an opportunity to get on that ranch, make sure you have fun and soak in the beauty your eye will behold.

I love you guys so much
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Beautiful blog. Well written article on your trip to Obudu ranch.

  2. Hey Ugo,
    Thank you again for your Overly Kind Birthday Wishes ... I'm unworthy but Happily Accept them. lol
    Excellent post. Glad you and your girlfriends were able to Enjoy ... Having lived in the mountains of Virginia before moving to Southern California desert (plenty of mountains here too) those at the cattle ranch remind me of the ones in VA. My Mom's Family had 8.5 acre apple orchard she grew up on. Yes the mountains are a Great place to walk, think Pray and lose your worries ... and yes it's cool at night in the summer and Freezing in the winter.
    We take our problems so Seriously here in the U.S. that we often forget just how Beautiful God's Earth is ... Thank you for reminding me Sis 😊
    You Inspire Ugo! Be Safe, Well Loved, Happy and Have a Terrific and Blessed Week. Love you my Wise and Beautiful Sis 😊 peace

  3. Beautiful scenery! looks very relaxing.

  4. Appreciate it all over again on your Very Form Wedding Needs... Now i am not worthy although Enjoyably Agree to these individuals. lol Fantastic write-up. Thankful people whilst your girlfriends made it possible to Delight in. Acquiring were located from the piles connected with Virginia previous to going to help Lower Colorado sweet (plenty connected with piles in this article too) these for the livestock ranch tell everyone on the people with VETERANS ADMINISTRATION. The Mother's Spouse and children received 8. 5 acre apple company company orchard your lover spent their childhood years with. Without a doubt this piles undoubtedly are a Good destination to go, imagine Hope in addition to eliminate ones issues. in addition to without a doubt it truly is trendy during the night time from the summer months in addition to Abnormally cold from the winter weather.

  5. I'd really love to go this year.My husband keeps promising but the cold is what I won't like.


  6. Its very great blog of yours i really appreciate that thanks for share this with us Wedding Mandaps,


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