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Hello Eagles!!

 If your following the trend in the fashion industry these days you'll find that anything vintage is a big deal. From billow sleeves to off shoulders to cold shoulder and crop tops. I think i like the way the ball is rolling, it means they'll be more modesty in our dressing.lol
Back to the outfit; When i first saw this shirt, i thought to myself "i'm going to be a pirate every day i wear this shirt".
I thrifted it too, lemme not even tell you how much it cost me...ha ha ha .

I wore it first with the pencil skirt i styled here.............i had people stare at me as i walked on the street of Calabar.
I wore it with so much confidence, added a big brown belt on my waist. *i'm sorry no picture but you can imagine right?? * lol
So just to flaunt the shirt i wore it again with a jean trousers. I love the collar and sleeeves more. I thought of adjusting it to be more fitting and small, but i waved that thought off.
The sandal was just for the camera, my flats saved the day. Oh how i love this hat too. My hair was in bad shape and it came in handy.
I think I'll make a dress with this kinda sleeves, that's how much I love the sleeves of this shirt.
It's Christmas!!!
Lots of love and celebration. I'm reminded in this season of true love and sacrifice. How before I was conceived,  God choose me for himself and his plan was for us to have awesome moments together, then something went wrong. To fix it,  he gave up his only Son Jesus Christ to clean the slate and get things right before I come into the scene.

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers. I appreciate your interactions
With Love


  1. I love your shoes and the fashion world is really evolving. Hope you had a great Christmas. xx
    A Retrospective Account of 2016!

  2. You look like a cute pirate lool. Happy new year babes


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