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What do you want for Christmas??

                               *please drop your wishlist in the comment section, Santa is just few clicks away*💕
Here we go:
1. A Smoothie Maker: For juicing up and getting all that healthy vibes in the body turned up to the highest.

Just Because They Grow from boyz to Men III

As i stood on a street waiting for a cab that'll take me home around 9:14pm i saw something that sent chills down my spine.

This part of Calabar is more like a hood, they're king of the streets everywhere and it's usually very busy even at night.
You'd find a suya spot, beer parlour, salons and a mini fruit village in this area.

This taxi man, drove down and i flagged him down, told him where i was headed and he waved, meaning he was not taking that route and he drove off slowly approaching three young guys in their early twenties, dressed well and looking modest.

I'm not sure what happened but as soon as i turned my eyes again, i heard these guys talking gently to the cab man.

"wetin dey worry you"? one of them asked

"you dey craze abi"? another chipped in

before i knew what was going on the man was receiving slaps from one of them.

CHIT-CHAT: My Graduation Story

I just had my convocation ceremony recently
Yay!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *smiles and waves at the crowd* (lol)
I graduated and completed my NYSC two years ago and i'm just convocating, and as much i want to tell you why, let's skip to the fun part of the story.

Style: Inufse Some Colors

It should be deliberate, or let's just say intentional.
 Don't just let it be, do something about it.
Whatever it may be. Take a step.
canva, sanpseed design, words

Do you love colours? I think you do, because your thinking of your favourite item that has that color.

Life is so beautiful, infuse some colors to your eyes.
Get rid of the shades of grey, add blues and yellows.

It could be a date.
A book you need to write.
A poem that keeps coming back to you.
A song you must sing.
A word you must say to someone else.

Hey, don't be too tough jor.
Relax but work hard.

LIFESTYLE: Getting rid of acne

Welcome back Eagles. It's going to be a lengthy post because you really need this information.

We all hear that acne is common among teenagers but what if your above teenage age and still breaking out?
I learnt something really fascinating and i'm here to share.
A little about me: I am 27 years old and still break out, i thought it was just something that'll pass with time and age but that was not entirely true.
October 2017
I break out everywhere, even the chinese face map had nothing on  me. (lol) I couldn't using the map to figure out what my body was going through at a time because i had lot of breakouts at different spots on my face including my back and chest.


As a budding tailor, i find it very interesting the process of dress making. Every seam, cut, pattern and embroidery.
You know mathematics is very useful in dress making, you'll divide almost all the measurement into two, add few inches to the measurement for the zip line, minus the half length measurement from the skirt part of a dress.
Well, it was confusing at first but it got very interesting.
When i encounter something really difficult, i remember how i finally understood the basics of applying BODMAS to the art of fashion designing and i smile with hope.

Lover's Journal I

I promised i'll write this publicly, it has been on my mind forever.

Can i start with a question: "Who really are YOU"?
I'm intrigued by your words and hand-works.

Pardon me, i once spoke from a state of confusion, not sure what to call you at that time.

It's not so clear but this glimpse of you is enticingly satisfying. I KEEP WANTING MORE!

I'd treasure the words you speak to my soul each day, my body can speak otherwise sometimes though.

You are INTENTIONAL and I LOVE it.  That you would choose me out of the many, thrills my mind.

I told a friend the other way how you treat me; you take away from me, the things i don't need without saying a word. ah!
Then few days after, i smile back at you having realized how that turned out for my good.

I'm in!
I'm Consumed!
I'm Elated -never have been.

King of my heart, you have me- you have my heart completely.

I want your kisses more than i want sponge-cake or even akara ( food can't even compete)

I was blinded by the fold of "why am i like this" "why is my life not like hers" "why is this happening to me".


Tasted(ing) your MERCY everyday. Fresh like the morning dew and in sufficient quantity for each day.

i will take it, one day at a time. Sometimes minute by minute, or maybe seconds by seconds.
Trusting ever, onward ever.

It had to be you, i'll choose you over and over  i accept your choice of me with excitement and gratitude.

Your Lover
Ugo Patience Ukam
Committed to Making Jesus Christ Attractive

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God"--Ephesians 2:8

Just because they go from Boyz to Men!

 Hi everyone!
Last weekend I attended a seminar organized by Christian Council of Nigeria, the aim was to expose a number of youths from different churches under CCN to END THE VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN CAMPAIGN. We saw a video, and it’s so disheartening to note that our young ones are so vulnerable to a whole lot of evil by people that should be called family.

Walk Through To The End

Warm greeting to you my love.
Okay, let's do a little exercise. List all the troubles and headaches you've suffered in life and the ones your afraid of facing. Get is off your chest right away .

Then look at these words from the scriptures with me: "But after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who calls you to share his eternal glory in union with Christ, will himself perfect you and give you firmness, strength, and a sure foundation".- 1 Peter 5:10 GNB
Calm down before you start vexing at how he would even allow us go through problems and let's digest those words slowly.

1. But after you have suffered for a little while: Suffering is not a bad thing. Yes it is not. What do you even call suffering? "Experiencing pain, state or condition where someone suffers pain or distress".
This is part of life experiences, since the fall of man we have to toil and work hard for things to come together. The old testament reality is filled with work, suffering and lots of pain. The Israelites can really relate with this, because they worked under slavery for years and even when help was offered they were so used to pain and couldn't break free.
But we have hope!!  Hallelujah.
Scriptures says "after a little while". This reminds of a song by Kirk Franklin;


.....are you in the time of your month?

you've never had sex before, if you do these bumps will clear.

babe, take care of yourself na?

why do you look like this sef?

you and this your pimples...... see free branding oh.(lol)


         Hello Beautiful Eagle, welcome to the blog! I trust your doing well and still running with the vision. I'm glad your here, i know you will find these post inspiring. Let's dig in.

Have you seen that movie, THE GIFT?? Yes?? Yes!
I can still see the scenes flash in my memory and the lessons I gleaned from it.
I had my experience some time ago and i'm here to share it..
As a music lover I can’t do without my ear piece or headset. It’s a must-have for all music addicts.
Mine went bad and I had plans to replace it. At that time I got talking with a friend and I mentioned how badly I needed an ear piece quickly.
Ear-piece, Head-set,music tools, music lover, addict,beat-by-dre
Fast forward to three days later; after an evening service he presented me with that small round case and said “This is for you”.
Almost immediately my bestie’s kid brother grabbed the case from his hands and asked if he was selling it and how much.
He said No, I’m not selling it . it’s for Patience!
This guy had the expression that said What!!!!!! How can you not sell this piece?? Why are you gifting it to someone else.
Then he went on and on about how expensive the ear-piece was right now in the market.

❤ I didn’t care much about the model of this gadget, I just wanted something that i can use to listen to music and messages without disturbing my roomie that reads at night.
❤ I didn’t know they were “expensive ear-piece ” like that…….
❤ I didn’t expect an expensive one too.


Hi there, Welcome back to the blog!

Let’s talk about marriage proposals here, shall we? Lately we have read and seen a lot of proposals everywhere online and offline. It’s a beautiful scene to watch, I like the part where the guy kneels on one knee and says “Will you Marry Me” and the lady goes  “Awwww, Yes! Yes! Yes!
So Beautiful!!!!!

Now my elder sisters Ayo Thompson(she does not know I’ve claimed blood relationship yet.lol) of 1+the one and Atilola (she's married now) engagement story made me love struck.  I was reminded of my


Hi Eagle!

My mind is bustling with lots of activities and I do not know where to start from.
I'll start from letter K.  Yeah, it's the middle of the story but you'll get it at the end. I promise.
Have you been following the news lately??

CHIT-CHAT: From My Diary to You

Hello Eagles, let me start by apologizing for being away from here for a long, long time. I've been working and evolving which is very important in life. I love blogging, just sharing thoughts and ideas is fulfilling.
How is everyone doing?? I missed yáll.
I have thoughts in my diary that i know will help someone else, so i thought i should share. Please be kind to drop your thoughts too in the comment section below.


            Rush and Haste is the only habit in my life right now that is sticky like glue.
I’ve not found a way to get it off my back, if am not in a haste to bath, brush or take my breakfast then I’d be wishing I was the driver of the taxi so I could speed my way through the traffic and get to work before ten………..
I know this is the prime of my life and I just wish that things would go a little faster and ALL WOULD BE WELL *in my terms sha* but the more I wish and pray things  like hurt, struggles and pain would go away the more i’m weighed down by all the things I’m trying to avoid………


For some the year begun on the 1st of January but for me it already begun even before the dawn of the first day in the month of January.
Any resolution?? Goals?? Plans?? or decisions?? Sure lot's of them!!!!!!
Having written them down, does your plans look so impossible or just lame and seemingly foolish? Keep at it!
I made plans to share this picture of myself and Princess Audu a long time ago, but got too busy. We made our dresses....yayyyyyyy!!!