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STYLE EXPRESSION|| High-Low Ombre Sweater [Zaful]

I've been blogging on fashion,I enjoy doing this and judging from the pageviews y'all love it.

So today I'll be showing off a new piece in my wardrobe.
The harmattan came like a thief in the night, thank God I had this piece to keep me warm and gorgeous. The sweater is from Zaful. I choosed this piece because I didn't have a sweater in my wardrobe and we know that's an essential, and the because I have lots of blacks, a lil' color would be a huge plus.
Am i the only one who's waiting for the rains to come?? 
Now i don't even know when raining season begins anymore, the sun shines with all it's energy leaving us gasping for breath when we get to our homes after the days work. 
*Well, I hope the thunder sounds I hear is a signal for the release of water*

Sweater -Zaful || Sandal -Asos || Trouser- gifted


  1. Yed girl we love outfits post. I like how you went for colour blocking by opting for blue trousers. Cool shoes too. And I actually can't wait for raining season. The het here is slowly getting to me.
    Princess Audu

  2. love the sweater, the ombre effect is beautiful. xx

  3. I love your outfits!!!


  4. Love the sweater..

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