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CHIT-CHAT: From My Diary to You

Hello Eagles, let me start by apologizing for being away from here for a long, long time. I've been working and evolving which is very important in life. I love blogging, just sharing thoughts and ideas is fulfilling.
How is everyone doing?? I missed yáll.
I have thoughts in my diary that i know will help someone else, so i thought i should share. Please be kind to drop your thoughts too in the comment section below.


            Rush and Haste is the only habit in my life right now that is sticky like glue.
I’ve not found a way to get it off my back, if am not in a haste to bath, brush or take my breakfast then I’d be wishing I was the driver of the taxi so I could speed my way through the traffic and get to work before ten………..
I know this is the prime of my life and I just wish that things would go a little faster and ALL WOULD BE WELL *in my terms sha* but the more I wish and pray things  like hurt, struggles and pain would go away the more i’m weighed down by all the things I’m trying to avoid………