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CHIT-CHAT: From My Diary to You

Hello Eagles, let me start by apologizing for being away from here for a long, long time. I've been working and evolving which is very important in life. I love blogging, just sharing thoughts and ideas is fulfilling.
How is everyone doing?? I missed yáll.
I have thoughts in my diary that i know will help someone else, so i thought i should share. Please be kind to drop your thoughts too in the comment section below.


            Rush and Haste is the only habit in my life right now that is sticky like glue.
I’ve not found a way to get it off my back, if am not in a haste to bath, brush or take my breakfast then I’d be wishing I was the driver of the taxi so I could speed my way through the traffic and get to work before ten………..
I know this is the prime of my life and I just wish that things would go a little faster and ALL WOULD BE WELL *in my terms sha* but the more I wish and pray things  like hurt, struggles and pain would go away the more i’m weighed down by all the things I’m trying to avoid………
LIFE is a stage I guess and the best actor/actress gets the stage…….
Who can i say is the best actor/actress in Life?
Could it be someone who; has never made mistakes? 
Is always confident? 
Exudes so much self importance and worth? 
Wears all the fancy and designer clothing’s? 
Always right with God? 
Never gotten into a fight or quarrel with friends and family? 
Always has that perfect smile on his or her face? 
Gets all the good grades? 
Groomed what the society would call the “perfect daughter or son”? 
Has her family and husband intact? 
Knows what to do at the right time? 
Never seeks help from family and friends but he/she is a refuge instead to others? 
Or maybe for the women are you the “PROVERBS 31 WOMAN”? 

Now looking at all the list, do I have all of this things right??? Can I say I'm half the proverbs 31 woman?

NO!!!! I’m not and I don’t even know how to start being that woman.
But I do know one thing it was not a mistake that God made me a woman…..which means that there is a proverbs 31 woman inside of me…I just have to bring it out.
The bible says “charm is deceptive and beauty is vain but the woman who fears God is to be praised”
Although i'm the kind who would not want to do so much work but am sure that fearing God would be  a lot of work…..and every energy invested in it would be important.

If I can get God to be pleased with me; then I’d be the best Actress and I’ll own my stage, but this is useless too because I don’t have to please him he already adores me.
“Fear God” is going to be my motto for the month of February and my aim is to really be BEAUTIFUL in God’s Way.

Dear Lord I confess that the qualities of the proverbs 31 woman scares me whenever I read or remember it and I know that it was not a mistake that you made me a woman also……..I trust you to help me bring out the proverb 31 woman in me, letting go of haste and to give you glory in Jesus Name I pray.  Amen. 

In other news: I'm excited for Adesua and Banky W, they'd make a beautiful couple!!! I had to watch "The Wedding Party"again to feel the vibes they were giving off. lol
Who says love is not beautiful?? It is so amazing because God himself is Love.


  1. Blessings the key is not to avoid. The only way through is through it. To come out on the other side wiser with lessons to apply going forward.

    Be mindful: When you rush and make haste you are putting undue pressure on yourself. Stress is a killer and can manifest in very negative ways. It means, you are not taking time to care for yourself and nurture your being. If you are rushing in the mornings then perhaps do your preparations in the night including going to bed earlier so you can get enough rest so you can awake feeing renewed and rejuvenated.

  2. These days i take time to make plans..Slowly but steadily.
    Thanks Rhapsody, i appreciate your comment:)

  3. Groomed what the society would call the “perfect daughter or son”?

    GCLUB มือถือ


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